Glory to God by Creed Campbell

Posted: August 6, 2010 by creedsstory in Uncategorized

For those who haven’t seen this, it’s Creed and Brett Younker singing Glory to God at the Lighthouse Family Retreat this past week.

Here is what the Lighthouse staff had to say about Creed and his time at the retreat…

The 64 seconds it takes to view this video may be the best 64 seconds of your day. The video of this special moment was shot during our talent show and it definitely reminds us
again about the life change and hope in God that is experienced during a Lighthouse retreat.

The precious little boy singing in the video is named Creed. Creed is 5 years old and he and his family are   enjoying every minute of their Lighthouse experience.  When Creed returns home, he will be admitted to the hospital and he will endure a much needed bone marrow transplant. Then he and his family will exchange one of the most memorable weeks of their lives for 30 days in the hospital as Creed’s body slowly recovers.

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