Last week’s procedure

Posted: August 9, 2010 by creedsstory in Uncategorized

Yikes!!! I just realized this morning that I did not post an update from last weeks procedure. One of my new lighthouse family members asked about it this morning which triggered my brain!! So I apologize for it being late.

Wednesday morning started out very shaky…Creed was scheduled for 7:00am Wed for the placement of his central line and a bone marrow biopsy. At 3 he woke up with chills and then about 30 minutes later he started throwing up. From 3:00-7:00 there was not a lot of sleeping for anyone and all I could think about was with him being sick there was no way they’d allow him to have surgery that morning. Which then meant possibly delaying things. Pretty sure you get the picture. At 6:00 we headed down to Egleston to either go to day surgery or the er. Either way we were going. Once we got there I informed the nurse what was going on. She didn’t look very optimistic about moving forward. She went and spoke with the doctor and they decided to evaluate him and then make a decision. Once we were in our room, Creed stopped throwing up and his fever was just 100. He looked tired, but not lethargic. The doctor felt comfortable with surgery and things went as planned. The surgery took about an hour, normally Creed is back from recovery within 45 mins, but today it took a while longer. He was so exhausted from being up most of the night that he decided to keep snoozing and wouldn’t wake up. After 2 hours he came rolling back in to us, sitting up on the stretcher talking. First thing out of his mouth…”I’m hungry”, “I want some water”. A few minutes later he sat up and said, “mama, I didn’t lose my hair!!” I just laughed, and explained to him that once he started getting that “crazy” medicine his hair would fall out. I love how he pops right back and doesn’t forget anything!! We were there maybe 30 more minutes and then headed home. Of course we had to stop by Casper’s on the way home. He needed to see his buddy after a long day. The next day we had to go to the doctor because of the fever and vomiting on Wednesday. Everything was good and we made it back home and rested for the rest of the day. We should know the biopsy results hopefully Monday or Tuesday.

Tomorrow (Monday 9th) we will be at Egleston for a final meeting with the BMT doctor, signing consents, chest x-ray, EKG, and lab work. Then on Tuesday we will be at Winship Cancer Center for radiation simulation. Two busy days ahead. Monday night Creed is having a party in his honor. Some of the sweet volunteers from lighthouse are getting together for a little send off party. We’re doing one of Creed’s favorite things…BOWLING!! Can’t wait for all the laughs. Wednesday Creed has a play date with his friends Millie and
Charlie Bowen, two very special friends of his. Then on Thursday he’s spending the day with his Gogo, (Jon’s mom) sounds like they’ll be golfing. Another fav of his. This will be one busy week for that little guy. Making the most of these last few days of freedom. Friday is the big day, we’ll find out tomorrow what time we have to be there, and then he gets his first dose of chemo. I still can’t believe it’s finally here!!!

Well, I hope this has gotten y’all caught up with the Creeder. I’ll let you know how the weeks progresses. Should be fun…and tiring!!

I’d like to ask for prayers of peace this week. For Jon and me, this is a bittersweet time and continuing to have peace about this is what we need right now. Thanks for walking along side of us!!

Much love,

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