Bowling Extravaganza

Posted: August 10, 2010 by Kat in Uncategorized


What a night! Twenty six of Creed’s new Lighthouse family hosted a bowling party in his honor tonight. His sweet friend Bryn brought him a special necklace and the Casey family brought a generous gift as well.

They had a yummy cake, and as you can imagine, Creed was the life of the party! He was a wild man and loved playing with his new friends. He had so much fun that he crashed in the car during the 5 minute drive home.

We will post pictures and videos tomorrow so stay tuned!

Tomorrow night is guys night out for Creed. The Lighthouse guys are taking him putt-putting while Steph gets pampered with the ladies. What an amazing group! Make sure to check out their website on the “Creed’s Friends” tab.

  1. Dwught Dunn says:

    This blog is the wway to go.. easy to follow Creed AND U,, lloovvee U Pa,popsy,pop pop, Whatever Dwight

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