Radiation simulation

Posted: August 12, 2010 by Kat in Uncategorized


The adventure continued Tuesday with radiation simulation. They began with a CT scan to get an accurate picture of his lungs. Since this was unplanned, it took a bit of coaxing to get him to lie down. After seeing mommy go through the machine, Creed was more relaxed and cooperated nicely.

There are not many procedures that Creed has not been through. Not many things that Steph and Jon have not seen.

But this radiation machine was new. They put him on a stretcher and taped him down. The machine is so large that it takes up the whole room. The door is a foot and a half thick and seals shut when closed. They could only talk to Creed by intercom and watch him on tv monitors. After completing the process on one side, the techs flipped him and did the same thing on the other side. Understandably, Creed was done at that point.

But he’s always a trooper and they still had to go across the street to Egleston for another echo. He patiently and pleasantly complied and was rewarded with a trip to Toys-r-us where he selected a barn and stable with horses and a “yard” (potted plants).
(That boy loves his Gigi and PopPop!)
Tuesday night Creed had a blast at putt putt with his Lighthouse boys. And Wednesday he had a big playdate with his sweet friends, Millie and Charlie. He did have a small fever Wednesday morning so he was moving at 1/2 Creed speed. Which is still pretty busy!

Jon and Steph learned that Creed has been selected for a two cord research trial study. This means he will receive two stem cell cords instead of one. They were able to discuss the differences between the one and two cord options with the actual doctor who runs the study in order to clarify questions.

Friday will be a big day. First dose of chemo. They will find out today what time the chemo begins and I’ll update the blog so the prayers can be extra powerful at that time.

  1. Debra Knight says:

    I am not surprised that Creed picked the horse/stable and barn! He must have his GiGi and PopPop and those horses on his mind 🙂 I can’t even begin to imagine what everyone is feeling. Praying for Creed and his posse as you begin this journey.

  2. Chase Cochran says:

    good luck tommorow Creed. see you on saturday

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