Day -10

Posted: August 14, 2010 by Kat in Uncategorized

IT Dept:

The titles of these next posts will indicate what day chemo Creed is on – counting down to transplant day that will be Day “0”.

The day got off to a slow start because they had to wait for the 2nd cord to arrive before the chemo could begin. Evidently the cord is under lock and key and the combination lock was a bit tricky. In the meantime, Creed enjoyed a lunch of “psketti” with parmesan cheese. It took awhile for the cheese to arrive and that boy had to have his cheese! When it finally got there, he had received three cups of cheese! Since the food staff can’t come into the room, they place the food in a holding room between the door and room and then knock on the door to let them know the food is there. Pretty neat!

Creed tore through pads of paper doing drawings and kept busy while waiting for the chemo. Steph was also able to meet with his teacher, nutritionist, social worker, Doctor, endrocrinologist, and two Fellows. What a day!

Since Creed won’t be able to attend kindergarten at his school, his class is going to participate in the “monkey in the chair” program.  Basically, there will be a monkey in a chair to substitute for Creed in the classroom.  The students will take him to lunch, on field trips, and anywhere else they go.  There will be a camera, photo album and journal for the kids to document the monkey’s adventures.  Creed will even get his own mini-monkey to have with him.   What a neat organization!

Creed’s chemo treatment went well today. He was the perfect patient and even ate all of his pizza for dinner. When the radiation starts on Monday, they anticipate that he will be very tired. And the last round of chemo next Friday will be especially strong.

Nurse Stephanie will have to collect all of his excrements, including vomit, so that they can be measured to determine his liquid intake. She’ll have to wear gloves because the chemo makes everything toxic. A mother’s love is pretty amazing! Speaking of which, Gigi arrived today to share the load with Steph and brought a special surprise for her daughter – a new Ipad! A well deserved treat!

If you’d like to send cards, notes, treats, etc., you can send them to Creed at:
CHOA at Egleston
RM #3201
Creed Campbell
1405 Clifton Road
Atlanta, GA 30322

Thank you all for the prayers today!

  1. jean dunn says:

    Thanks Kat for all ur doing for Steph and Creed

  2. Courtney says:

    We have been waiting for this journey for so long now! Here we go!! It is going to be my honor to walk beside you.

  3. Uncle Mark - Aunt Rach - Gogo says:

    We love you Creeder! You are such a big boy. Picking up some cool games and drawing goodies for ya this week. MirMir says she loves you too, woof! Can’t wait to see all the cool drawings I hear about!

  4. Team Pritz says:

    WE LOVE YOU CREED AND STEPH! Thinking about you and sending hugs from Illinois!!!!

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