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Posted: August 21, 2010 by Kat in Uncategorized

It’s been a week like no other! I’ve learned a lot, felt a lot and enjoyed a lot. Creed did so great this week. The moment he started this journey last Friday he has been AMAZING!! He had three days of chemo, then four days of irradiation, and now two more days of chemo. Through all of this he hasn’t once slowed down or complained. He has taken every challenge given to him and met it head on. I honestly thought by now we would be seeing some of the side effects from all of this, but so far nothing but diarrhea. Which he so pleasantly calls “poop soup”. Our week here has been filled with LOTS of laughter. As hard as some things were to watch, somehow Creed made them “ok”, which helped us all deal with it. He has touched everyone here so far with his infectious laugh and humor. He loves all his nurses and has nicknamed everyone of them. Some days their name changes and some days it doesn’t. It’s pretty much a requirement to play basketball if you walk in his room. He even has a court taped off on the floor thanks to one of his sweet nurses, Amanda. Those two played b-ball until midnight two nights in a row! We’ve had lots and lots of visitors which excites Creed to no end. First thing every morning he asks me “who’s coming today?” Care packages have taken over his room…the UPS man has been here everyday and now knows Creed’s name and where his room is. All this to say, it’s been a great first week and we have been blown away with the out pour of love shown to us. I sit in awe every time something comes through that door for him. It just makes my heart smile to see how much you all love him and me!! My new lighthouse family is incredible!! I’m so thankful to have met them all and to have them beside me through this journey. Team Steph rocks!!! I can’t even begin to thank them for all they’ve done leading up to this and how smoothly things have gone because of them. Amy Hulett…AMAZING!!! Last but not least, my family. Having Gigi and Gogo here this week to help has been great! There were times when having that one extra hand made such a difference. I know there are many of you working behind the scenes doing things for us that we don’t even know and you are so appreciated too!! We received a prayer pager today from First Baptist Church in Americus. Every time someone says a prayer for Creed they can call the pager and it beeps in our room. We then know that some one has prayed for him. So cool hearing that little buzz through out the day. The number is 229-931-1635. I found out yesterday that April Duke is also having t-shirts printed up for all the Creed supporters. The info will be on his blog and here as well soon. It’s so amazing to think about this week and all that we’ve seen and felt. We are definitely being held in his hands. I’m sure throughout this entire week God himself has had many a laugh, everyone else has!! Praying big that this next week goes well, and knowing that God has us right where he wants us!!


  1. Courtney Waggoner says:

    Beeped you this morning!!!

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