Saturday (Day-2)

Posted: August 22, 2010 by Kat in Uncategorized

The starting of week 2 today was the end of chemo and for me a crossing of the finish line. Still having a very long way to go, yes…but having the hardest week behind us is a reason to smile and thank God for being so good. I’m laying right beside Creed right now, which is where I spend all my nights. Tonight, however, we’re sleeping in a tent. One of the many sweet gifts given to him was a Toy Story bed tent, and you know that was going up immediately. So…needless to say I’m in the tent listening to my sweet sweet Creeder sleep.

Today was probably the first day that you could tell Creed was going through this. He napped/rested more than he has all week and his appetite definitely decreased. But when he was up, he was up. He had lots of visitors today, one that he always loves to see is Chase. He’s one of our special lighthouse family members. I’m still blown away at the love that is shown to us from all those we met that week, and even some we didn’t meet. We had a visit tonight from a sweet couple, Buck and Eleanor, who we didn’t know, but they knew Creed. Creed also got some much needed love from Casper’s mom and dad ( Lisa & John).

Tomorrow is a day of rest for Creed. Much needed after the week he just went through. Monday will be here very soon and I can not wait to watch as Creed gets his second chance at a healthy life. To sit and think of the miracle that transplant really is makes me smile knowing that our God is responsible for it all. The way we are made and designed can only be done by such a creator. Monday will be Creeds “rebirthday”. His actual transplant will be at 11:00 am and it will only take a few minutes to push the stem cells through Creed’s central line. I would love for you all to be a part of this by saying a little prayer at 11:00 Monday. To know that you all were with us and joined in with us in the celebration would be awesome!! I’m sure there will be lots of pictures through out the day and we will share them all with you!!! Your prayers, generosity and support have unreal!! We are so blessed to have you by our side.

Much love!!!


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