Day +5 (Saturday, August 28)

Posted: August 29, 2010 by Kat in Uncategorized

Creed’s hair started falling out yesterday.  He’s been anticipating it for so long that he’s excited.  But he’s also very tired due to the combination of medications, procedures, etc.  The sores in his throat are painful and he is not happy about the tube.  He’s not himself but still has his same loving spirit.  Steph is going to post an update today but she wanted to share this picture.

From Steph’s cousin, Ansleigh, who loves Creed like he’s her own:

“I have a friend at Georgia Southwestern, Faith, and she told me that some of her friends go to Kennesaw State and they were prayer walking around the hospitals on Monday. They saw Steve Fee outside the hospital so of course they followed him and wanted to talk to him.  They finally caught up to him and flagged him down but he told them he couldn’t stop to talk because he had somewhere important he had to be and he was already running late. They told him they were prayer walking so steve said he had something they could pray for.  He told them to pray for a little boy who was very sick and was having a bone marrow transplant and he was on his way to go see him in the hospital (that was the important place he was already late for).  So the students agreed to pray for the boy and let him go on his way. That night, one of the guys that was prayer walking called Faith.  They were just talking and he asked her if there was anything she needed him to pray about for her.  She said I don’t have anything to pray for but you can pray for my friend Ansleigh’s little cousin who is having a bone marrow transplant. Thinking it was just a coincidence, the guy asked what the little boy’s name was and was shocked to find out his name was Creed, the same boy Steve Fee had asked them to pray for.”   -Ansleigh

Creed loves his sweet Ansleigh and Dabid. 

It’s difficult to fathom the number of people praying for Creeder.  I am sure there are numerous stories out there like this.  A friend of my little sister’s posted the Lighthouse video on his Facebook page.  He doesn’t know Creed and didn’t know we knew him, he was just touched by him singing “Glory to God” and he has a heart for Lighthouse.  

One group we know is praying every day is everyone at Dr. Duke’s office.  April Duke organized the precious Team Creed shirts and we give a special thanks to Jerry Hillhouse, owner of Global Graphics in Americus. 

Ray, April, Karson, Nathan, Lauren and Gigi

And the staff there wear their shirts with pride!

And we’ll end with this sweet pic – Poppy loves his Creeder!


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