Go Dawgs!

Posted: September 5, 2010 by Kat in Uncategorized

Creed continues to amaze everyone. The doctors just shake their heads and can’t understand. Of course we know that prayers have been answered.

His doctor said he’s had the quickest turnaround she’s ever seen. They are adjusting him back to all oral meds. His white blood cell count has doubled almost every day and he even felt good enough to cheer on the Dawgs today!

  1. Aunt rach and uncle mark says:

    Creeder we love you! You look great, even if your rocking black and red instead of the white and gold;) sorry we couldn’t come see you… This weekend Mark got sick, ugh. He’s feeling better today and hopefully we can come see you soon!! xoxo- aunt rach and uncle mark

  2. Laura E Ellard says:

    Hello Creed and Family! We are so honored to be learning about your through our family, the Cochran’s. Creed, you are Amanda and Chase’s hero! Just have to comment that Creed is our hero too, because unlike Frank, Amanda and Chase (who cheer for Tech), we are HUGE Georgia fans.

    Other than being a Bulldog, we have noticed that you are a great singer, wonderful encourager and a super stong fighter. We are prayer for these good cells to keep up their growing! We are proud of you Creed for being patient and letting these doctors, nurses and your mom take such good care of you right now.

    We hope to meet you sometime, after you are not in the hospital. Perhaps there is a GA game in our future together?!

    Lots of love,

    The Ellards
    John, Laura, Justin and Julia (Chase and Amanda’s Uncle, Aunt and cousins)

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