Day +15

Posted: September 7, 2010 by Kat in Uncategorized

Hope everyone had a great Labor Day!! 

 I wanted to share some things that have been going on the last few days.  Many of you saw from previous updates that Creed has in fact started reproducing WBC (white blood cells) and also the number of his “strong fighter cells” have began to increase as well.  These are two very important factors for Creed.  We weren’t expecting to see any of these little guys until around day + 21.  His doctors are excited that he has already started this, especially with him being a stem cell transplant.  They tend to take longer before seeing results.  This is such a huge praise!!! 

 Everything has been going along smoothly for Creed, except while sleeping.  He hasn’t been able to maintain a good oxygen level while asleep.  For a little over a week he’s required oxygen.  Last night, however he slept all night with out any!!!  We’re praying, that was the start of something big!! 

 He’s continuing to get some extra help with his nutrition.  Although, his appetite has started to return, it’s not quite enough to stop with the tube feedings.  We’ll get there though…I just know it!!! 

 Sooooo…..the buzz going around right now is that we may be headed home this weekend.  Two earlier than we were expected to!!  That’s what happens when God is in the room on transplant day.  Big things happen!! 

 I’m so excited about the possibility of going home, but I know that at any minute something could happen.  One thing in particular is Creed getting GVH (graph vs host disease).  Another would be a fever.  So as my prayer warriors I’m asking for prayer in these two areas.  I’m hoping that the next update is an exciting one.  But if not, I trust that it’s part of God’s plan for Creed and we will be home when he wants us there.  So until then I send lots of love your way!!!


  1. Rocky Thomas says:

    We will continue to pray for a successful transplant with no complications. We should always ask God for our hearts desire and not limit His capability. We do hope to see you soon. Keep the Faith!!

    Rocky & Terry

  2. Bill Sheppard says:

    Steph, thanks for this update. You and Creed are in our prayers – we pray
    God’s protection from fever and GVH. ( and to get to go home before the week-end)
    and for looking forward to complete recovery….BillSheppard

  3. I certainly am holding Creed and your whole family in my prayers! What wonderful news – thank you so much for keeping us updated!

  4. Deb Henderson says:

    Stephanie and John, We have been praying for Creed and are very excited that he is doing so well. My littlest prayer warrior sent a special prayer for Creed today as it is the Blessed Virgin’s birthday celebration at school. All the prayers will be offered tomorrow at a special mass. We keep you all in our thoughts and prayers.

  5. Casper says:

    Creed. I think about you almost all day when I’m not napping, chewing my bone, or playing with the sand crabs. They tell me I might get to see you soon and I’m so excited. I hope you will color a picture just for me. Can’t wait to see you buddy. Sloppy dog kisses. Your Caspie!

  6. amazing . . . . God is simply amazing at work in you Stephanie! I just wish everyone who needs an attitude adjustment, a good look at their own heart, a taste of humility, a picture of God At WORK . . . could know you and Creed and the story you so willingly share with us! Praise God! and Thank You for letting us be a part of this glorious healing . . .

    xoxo kristen b

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