September 15, 2010

Posted: September 16, 2010 by Kat in Uncategorized

Seems like forever since my last update. I didn’t expect to fall this far behind…but I did so let’s catch up. So we did it! Monday we were discharged and sent on our way to the Ronald McDonald house. Not where I thought we were going and honestly I was very disappointed about that. Creed and I had gotten so pumped up about going home, so we had a rough time for awhile that morning.  I couldn’t warm up to the idea of going to the RMH until after Jon and I went over and checked in.  We were placed in the transplant wing, and had our own suite. This was much better than the image I had in my head.  Wearing flip flops in the shower just didn’t seem like something I wanted to do after spending 4 weeks in the hospital.  Creed and I are very happy there…it’s still NOT home but it’s ok for now.  As Creeds room was being packed up I really couldn’t believe we were leaving. I’ll admit I was a little sad.  I know, I know…crazy right?  I guess because the whole experience wasn’t that bad for us May have something to do with it.  The fact that we met some incredible people may have something to do with it, or the fact that I know God was there with us the entire time is probably the reason.  But we had to go and so we did.  Walking through those doors and into the real world was very exciting for us.  We were taking our first steps toward healthy days.   Pulling out of the parking deck, creed asked me if he could listen to tunes.  He’s learned there are some new rules since transplant and he didn’t want to break them right off the bat.  I answered him yes, and he then said play Glory to God.  I teared up, smiled and scrolled through the cd until I got to #12.  All the way to the Ronald McDonald house we sang Glory to God.  I guess God was letting me know that even though we left room 3201, he was going with us wherever…not that I doubted that.  So we unpacked and got settled.  Our first night without nurses and noises went great.  The next day was a little boring for us.  No visitors, no nurses, no doctors….we didn’t know what to with ourselves.  We did get one visit from a home health nurse.  She came to show me how to give Creed one of his meds through his central line. Show, might be stretching it.  Not a whole lot of instruction from her, more like a lot of huffing.  It did make for a little humor.  At least to me.  We had big plans on Wednesday morning.  It was our first time to go to clinic after transplant.  Creed was so excited that he woke up at 4:30am throwing up.  Seriously????  We make it through four weeks in the hospital without throwing up and he decides now is a good time to get sick.  At 8:30 we went to clinic and by then he was running a fever.  When you’re a transplant kid and run a fever you get to go back in the hospital.  After having blood drawn, two different antibiotics, fluids, steroids, and blood, we made our way back to the bmt floor.  Our new home is room 3207, but our nurse was Amanda and we were both very excited to see her.  Since getting into his room, he’s been great.  No fever, no vomiting.  The doctor says we’ll probably be here about 48 hours to see if anything grows in the blood cultures and then head back out for another try.  Praying it goes smoothly once we transition out of here again.  Ronald is waiting for us back at the house!  Haha! I’m sure we’ll be good friends with him by the time we leave there and get to go HOME!  We will stay at the rmh until creeds ANC is at least 2000.  ANC are the ‘strong blood cells’. It’s about quality, more than quantity.  They think we’ll probably be there around 2 weeks.  Not too bad. 

I would like to thank everyone for all the sweet cards, gifts, phone calls and prayers.  We have been flooded by God’s love through you and are very grateful.  Thanks for walking beside us through this and we welcome you to continue on this journey with us. 

 September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.  Thanks for supporting us and all of the other sweet children that have gone down this road. 

 Much love!


  1. jean gilbert says:

    What is Creed’s new address!. I don’t want to go two weeks without sending him a card!!! Love, Ms Jean

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