Day +29

Posted: September 22, 2010 by Kat in Uncategorized

Yesterday was our second clinic visit, and wouldn’t you know it…creed had another fever. I think he’s doing it on purpose now. You know just for fun! Once we got settled we found out that his hemoglobin was extremely low. That explained the horrible headache he was complaining about from the moment he woke up. They started giving him fluids, antibiotics and meds for his headache. They ordered blood for him but we didn’t get it for a few hours. By 4:30 we were in our room, which was creeds new friend JT’s old room. He went home earlier that morning. Creed was excited about having his room. I was excited about having a room. It’s just the small things really. Gigi came up to save the day. I was exhausted from the previous couple of nights. Creed’s been on an antibiotic that was given through his central line every 8 hours. If you do the math one of those falls late at night. So, I’ve been missing out on some sleep and really wasn’t ready for another hospital stay. After getting creed settled, Jon and I took off for some rest. Creed’s headache finally went away that night around 9 and he was able to sleep and get some rest.

I was able to take the day off today while Gigi stayed with creed. He’s back in full swing and feeling great! His counts are continuing to increase and so far nothing has grown from the cultures that were drawn on yesterday. YAY! Sounds like we may be able to leave tomorrow. Fingers crossed that we may actually get to go home instead of the Ronald McDonald house. I’ll be headed back in the morning to find out the latest. Maybe my next post will be from home and I can tell you about the excitement that is coming from a little boy!!!

Until then…..
Much love!

  1. jean gilbert says:

    Wonderful!! I am so glad you post a note often! I forwarded it to a few other people who are still praying too. Love. Ms Jean Gilbert

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