Day +48

Posted: October 11, 2010 by creedsstory in Uncategorized

I’m updating from room 3204…one room we have yet to stay in here in the BMT unit at Egleston. A quick recap from this week, just to catch everyone up. We were finally given the OK on Monday to go home. After 3 hours of packing up and cleaning we were headed home. The week went very uneventful for Creed. He had clinic on Thursday, he was given platelets. Friday we went back for more platelets and blood, hoping to get us through the weekend without any problems. Gigi came for a visit this weekend to help me out with the tornado that went through my house. That being all the goodies, laundry, food and medical supplies that I brought home from our 7 week stay away from home. Friday afternoon I noticed that Creed’s energy and appetite were starting to deplete. I was really hoping it was from going back and forth to clinic so much and the big move on Monday. Saturday, it was pretty much more of the same. A lot of sleeping and not much eating. I thought that having a visitor would brighten his day so a lighthouse friend, Emily came for a while and did help me by getting him to eat a little something. On Sunday, he seemed a little more “off”. He started having diarrhea around lunch, and complained of his tummy hurting. Around 4:00, I noticed there was blood now in poop. This warrants a phone call to the bmt doc. After talking with her, we were told to head to the ER for some platelets. I decided to go ahead and pack a bag…not my first day. After getting here and seeing our doctor we were admitted to the bmt unit, should now have you all caught up! Sooooo….what’s next? More platelets and blood, that’s for sure. The brains are working through the night to try and figure out why his platelets continue to drop along with his hemoglobin. It is normal to require some help in this area after transplant, just not this much. Along with that, we could possibly be looking at graph vs host disease. GVHD Not something we want. We should know more tomorrow. If the blood starts to decrease in his waste, the possibility of gvhd decreases. That being said PRAY PRAY PRAY that this is not the start of something horrible. Even though we don’t know why Creed isn’t holding on ton his platelets and red blood cells, we don’t want to add to the problem with gvhd. He’s gotten his platelets for the night, and once red cross finds blood for him he’ll get that as well. So for tonight that’s all I’ve got. Not much other than pray no gvhd!!!

On a funny note, Creed is excited to have his plastic urinal back! It’s just the small things people. Gotta love this kid!

Until tomorrow…
Much love,


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