Update at 3:14 a.m.

Posted: October 12, 2010 by Kat in Uncategorized


“Just woke up with 103.5 fever and throwing up. Drawing cultures, gave phenergan and Tylenol and platelets on the way. Nurse said a fever really eats up platelets.”

We’ll update again later! PRAY!

  1. Sue Gonzalez says:

    Kenzie woke up around 6am this morning and said, “Ugh, I feel really weird. I’m thinking of Creed.” Why? “I was dreaming of him.” Do you remember the dream? “No, but I can’t stop thinking of him”

    Know that you guys are in our hearts and in our prayers. You’re in the best place possible. Last Oct Kenzie was 103.5 for 3 days on a cooling blanket before she was ambulanced to a new hospital. It was Cdiff causing her diarrhea and after a few days of massive antibiotics she bounced right back.

    We’re sending HUGS and prayers. Just keep believing!

    Sue, Yovany, Alicia, Anthony, Kenzie & Chris

  2. Dawn Green says:

    I just read the post, I”m so sorry to hear about Creeders fever and vomiting. I was so happy when I left he was feeling so much better. I hope today is a better day for him and his counts continue to rise. Praying for yall.
    In Him

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