Day +54

Posted: October 17, 2010 by Kat in Uncategorized

Another week down, and Creed has started feeling better. We found out that the fever he spiked on Tuesday morning was from bacteria in his central line. Both sides this time. If you’re gonna do it, do it all the way, right? On Thursday they identified the class of bacteria, but not the specific yet. Knowing what type of bacteria they were dealing lets the doctors know just what type of antibiotics to start. Creed started coming around, or as I say “he made the turn” on Thursday evening. His appetite started to return as did his energy. The doctor felt like Creed was starting to recover from the low platelets on his own. None of the test that were sent out earlier in the week show any signs of hemalosis. It’s just taking him a while to produce enough on his own and so they’ll just help him along. This is normal when you have a stem cell transplant. They’re is still one test out but the doctor feels very certain it will be normal as well.
Beads of Courage had a celebration at the hospital Thursday. We weren’t going to be able to go at first, but somehow our sweet nurse Dawn worked something out with Creed’s doctor and off we went. We did go before all the other kiddos. The party started at 3 but we went at 2:30 with two other sweet little girls…twins to be exact. Creed made a warrior necklace and a strength bracelet while there. When he was admitted for his bmt, beads of courage asked him if he could have any bead what would it be? A rocket. At the party there was a bead made just for him waiting there. He was very excited to get that, and honestly so was I. We met the artist who made it for him. It was so neat to meet him and get to thank him personally for doing that. He made probably 50 beads for that party and still had more to make. I love that someone would do that for these kids. By the time we got his bead Creed was exhausted. I did manage to get him to take a picture with me, but he wasn’t excited about it. We headed back up to our room for a much needed nap. When we got back upstairs, some of the other nurses were talking about the Aflac duck being down in the garden. So after getting Creed settled in his bed, Dawn and I ran back downstairs to snap a picture of Aflac. Hilarious!!! We had a very fun day Thursday!! I went home for the night while Jon stayed with Creed, and Gigi started her shift bright and early Friday morning. Friday was a huge day for Creed, not medically…his best friend Matt came home from college and was coming to see him. I can’t even tell you how excited he was. He has asked when Matt was coming home since the day he left. Just to let you know, that’s been close to 8 weeks. Needless to say, I was very glad to see him too!!! So Friday was a fun day for all of us. I spent the day at home resting, while Gigi and Creed spent some quality time together. On Saturday morning the doctor told us that the bacteria was now identified as E coli. Good to know, but even better was that both lines in his Central line were now negative. Infection has been knocked out with the antibiotics. YAY!! Now enough with all the bacteria in the lines…really, I’m good. Saturday was a typical football Saturday for Creed and Jon. Guess I should say great football Saturday, the dawgs won!! Matt came back to visit, as well and Sydney and Josh. Fun day all around!!! I’m hoping the rest of the weekend will be very low key as well as the next week. Creed is scheduled for a bone marrow biopsy on Wednesday. I don’t know when they are thinking about letting us go, so we may be here until then. If we do go home, we’ll come back for the biopsy and will go back home, assuming all go well. Until Monday…

love to all!

Please pray hard for Creed’s little body to begin making enough platelets!!!

  1. Dawn Green says:

    Creed & Stephanie,
    So glad to read the update and hear the creed is feeling better and the cultures are negative. I’m glad he got to hang out with Matt and his Gigi! Hope yall have a great start to the week, working on the pictures now from the party. Tell Creed Cody says hi, his paws are itching him like crazy right now and he doesn’t like it one bit, just like Creed doesn’t like it when he itches, maybe we should try an Aveeno bath (don’t worry creed we will be sure to crush up the oatmeal just like you do). Well back to wedding prep and picture editing, praying for platelets!
    In Him,

  2. Eugenia Helms says:

    I’m still praying hard!!!!! So glad the fever source was found and treated and healed!!!
    Love you all!!!

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