Day +54

Posted: October 20, 2010 by Kat in Uncategorized

Bone Marrow Biopsy!!

We started the day off heading downstairs to have our first biopsy after transplant. This was a scheduled procedure, nothing out of the ordinary warranted it. Creed was very aware of where he was going and the fact that he was going to be put to sleep. In fact, once we got down there he continued asking when they were going to give him the medicine that puts him to sleep. He continues to amaze me with his bravery. Nothing really rattles him. The procedure went great! No problems. When Jon and I went back into the room he was still sleeping. I actually like that because it comforts him to wake up with us there. Once he was awake, he immediately asked for his chicken. He sent Jon back upstairs to preheat the oven so that when we got back in his room, it would be ready for him to eat. No way would I want chicken fingers right after a biopsy…but apparently he did.

The doctor came in after we were settled and discussed the game plan. She feels like he is doing much better holding onto his platelets and red blood cells. However, he is having a lot of poop. Not diarrhea like before. She is more concerned with the volume. She’s afraid he might not be absorbing his food like he should. Graph vs host disease could cause this. To be on the safe side, she wants to have the GI doctors scope him tomorrow. This isn’t really what I wanted to hear, or had in mind. I was hoping to be taking Creed home today or tomorrow. Not another procedure. I am glad that they are being proactive and not waiting to see if something worse happens. In the past we’ve experienced a lot of waiting and not knowing whats going on. So I am thankful that we’ll have all this figured out sooner than later. The plan is to pump him full of platelets before the scope/biopsy so that he will clot and not have any internal bleeding. If all goes well we may be headed out on Friday.

We’ll have lots of test results coming back within the next week or so. Praying for all good results. The platelet prayers seem to be working, so I’m going to ask that you all pray for no graph vs host disease, and no other additional problems to pop up. This hospital stay has seemed much longer than the rest. Both of us are really ready to go home and be in our own beds. I’ve been running on low this past week and would love some prayers in that area. We’re only 58 days out and the recovery road is long. We’ll have lots of ups and downs, as that is just part of it all. I just keep my eyes up and my thoughts positive. I know I’m not alone and when I’m tired God is there to carry me further. Thanks again for walking along with us and for the continuous prayers. We are very grateful for them all.

Much love,

  1. Chuck Knight says:

    I have been and will continue to pray for Creed and you and Jon.

  2. Jimmy Harris says:

    Creed and Stephanie, I pray for you guys every day. You’re a true inspiration and the face of faith.

  3. Eugenia Helms says:

    Just keep looking up and yes, there are so many people praying!!!
    Take it one day at a time!!! He’ll see you through! Praying with you. It’s great to know exactly what to pray for!!!
    Love Yall!!!!!

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