Prayers needed

Posted: October 24, 2010 by Kat in Uncategorized

I neglected to send the exciting news on Friday that Creed was home! They left the hospital about 6:00 Friday evening and Steph was SO EXCITED that they could each sleep in their own beds. She sounded exhausted but relieved to be going home. He was still feeling yucky, but they said his levels were good so he was released.

About nine hours later, they were back at Egleston because he couldn’t stop vomiting. They put in a tube and gave him fluids and he was much better.

Unfortunately, today he is in a lot of pain. They put the tube back in to suction out the bad stuff. They are all in need of prayers. I know Steph appreciates your texts and e-mails as they provide instant reminders of the prayers being lifted on their behalf.

  1. Jenny Owen says:

    May God provide the strength you need during this tough time. I pray that Creed gets better each day. God bless you both.

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