Halloween in the hospital

Posted: November 1, 2010 by Kat in Uncategorized

It’s come and gone, and honestly it was really fun!! Halloween in the hospital as Creed called it. Starting on Friday with goodie bags and visitors. Nurses dressed up and we even carved pumpkins…”funkins”, (artificial pumpkins). On Sunday, we had a fun surprise when Woody, Jessie, Mr. Potato Head, Mrs. Potato Head, green army man and Bo peep came for a visit. Supergirl flew in. Our day shift nurse was Jessie and our nightshirt nurse was an angel. He even received a halloween bead for having to spend halloween in the hospital. This bead is for his beads of courage necklace. Glow sticks and spiderwebs, Halloween garland, black cats and ghosts all hung on the walls in Creeds room. Creeds best friend Casper, came dressed in biker gear and our sweet nurse allowed us to step out of the BMT unit for some much needed snuggling. Creed and Casper snuggled up together on the sofa and within 10 minutes, Creed had fallen asleep. There’s just something special about the relationship between Creed and Caspie. (creed calls him that)
Our week will start off with an ultrasound on Monday morning to see if the hematoma has shrank at all. Praying like crazy that it has. This will begin week 2 for Creed not being able to eat. He’s doing amazing considering. Over the weekend they slowly added a few more sips each hour, but still no solid food. We’ve fought with his blood pressure all day today as it continued to be high. Praying this isn’t another little problem for him to conquer. This week will hopefully be more of the same, meaning…continuing to allow his gut to rest and for the hematoma to shrink. I would love for Creed to be able to eat sometime this week, we’ll see. Hope you all had a fun weekend!! I was a little down with Creed not being able to trick or treat, but it really turned out to be a fun Halloween after all. Who says you can’t enjoy “Halloween in the hospital?” Not Creed!!


  1. Andrea Young says:

    Happy Halloween to the Creeder!!! Would love to come see you some time Steph when you are up for visitors!!!! We are praying for Creed!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. hilda wiggs says:

    i keep up with you and creed with linda dixon everyday

    I love you and i do pray for yall daily
    you have my love and prayers

  3. Laura Smith says:

    The pictures are awesome! So happy Casper could come see you guys. Love you both Laura xoxo

  4. Brenda Rodgers says:

    Hello, Creed!

    I am so glad to hear you had so much fun on Halloween!

    I haven’t met you, but I want you to know I say a prayer for you and your Mom everyday that you will get better real soon and be back at home.

    My cousin, Jean Gilbert in Columbus, is a friend of your great Grandmother Mary Ann. They go camping in their Airstreams. Jean forwards me all the news that your Mom writes. She does a great job of letting us know about what you are doing each day.

    Creed – I live in Fort Valley – that’s where Blue Bird school buses are built. I worked there a very long time, but now I’m retired and get to stay home and do fun stuff like put bird seeds in the bird feeders, watch squirrels play in the back yard, and I also enjoy playing with my neighbor’s big dog – she’s a lab and her name is Bonnie. She likes to come visit often.

    I love the pictures your Mom sends on the e-mails. It always looks like you have a lot of fun stuff in your room.

    Please ask your Mom to send me your mailing address and your last name.

    Hurry and get well. Love, Miss Brenda

  5. Jennie says:

    So glad that Creed had a fun Halloween! Love the pics of he and Casper. Praying for shrinkage of the hematoma!
    Jennie – SR Administration

  6. Diane and Gary Cole says:

    So glad Creed had a happy halloween. We are keeping you all in our thoughts and prayers:) Love,The Coles

  7. Casper says:

    Nothing was more special than seeing Creed sleeping on his Caspie! what a fabulous day. Love you both! John, Lisa and Casper

  8. Jan Tolle says:

    Praying for Creed from Cataula, Georgia. We pray for healing, peace, freedom from pain, and godly doctors, nurses and techs. What a perfect example little Creed is for us all. May his family and friends be encouraged and blessed by God for their dedication and care of this little angel.

    Peace and Prayers
    Jan Tolle

  9. cindy baker says:

    that is a wonderful thing the hospital does for all the kids..love the pic, of him asleep on his dog that is a bond..

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