Day +73 Back where we belong…

Posted: November 5, 2010 by creedsstory in Uncategorized

Today started with great news for us!!! Creed’s blood pressure began returning to normal last night around 7:00. Through the night it remained normal and that meant back to the BMT unit where we belong. Our route back included an upper GI to see how the flow was where the hematoma is. The GI showed that there was definite flow, which was great news!! As the big doors opened letting us back into the unit all the nurses were there welcoming us back!! We were very glad to see all the familiar faces. After the doctor went down to talk with the radiologist, he came in to see us. For now he decided to stop the suction in Creed’s tummy and to continue with tiny sips of whatever Creed wanted to drink along with ice chips throughout the day. Tomorrow we may possibly get to increase the amount that Creed gets to drink. As long as he doesn’t get sick or have any complications. Monday we will have another ultrasound to see if there has been more shrinkage of the hematoma. The doctor will talk with the GI doctor and the surgeon to figure out what the long term plan is.

Dr. Chenng, Creed’s doctor, is probably tired of me after this week. I have spent many hours trying to think of a reason his blood pressure would have gone up like it did. I am grateful for him as our doctor. Today I asked my last question for the day…could Creed see Casper? He smiled and said “that’s a tough one”. We figured it out and a visit from Casper was what he got. Two of the nurse practitioners came with us and got to see first hand just how special Casper is to Creed. They felt better after seeing him as well.

This weekend should be low key for us. Nothing on the schedule until Monday. I do know that we’ll be there through next week. Please continue to pray that the hematoma will shrink more and that solid foods are on the way.

Love to all,

  1. Kristin Baugh says:

    Praying for shrinkage and a good weekend!

  2. Cecelia Prator says:

    Creed, & Stephanie,
    PTL that the blood pressure is beginning to normalize! Hope all improves so he can get back on real food; Praying for you continuously along with all your many other prayer warriors! God bless you both with comfort, patience, and HEALING!

  3. Amy Raburn Johnson says:

    That is great news Stephanie!!! I think of you all of the time. It made me feel so good to see you the other day =) I love ya!

  4. Casper says:

    Caspie sends his love and prayers!

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