Day +84 and we’re back…

Posted: November 16, 2010 by creedsstory in Uncategorized

I’m sure those of you that read this blog regularly are wondering if I fell off the planet. Part of me wishes so, the other is glad I’m still here. I’ll explain. Last week was probably one of the longest weeks I’ve had here. There were 2 nights where Creed and I didn’t sleep great, and I think that set me up for a rough week. Creed actually had a pretty good week. On Monday his ultrasound showed that the hematoma was continuing to shrink. With that result, he was allowed to continue eating solid foods as his tummy would tolerate. Here it is a week later and he’s still eating. And eating he is. I think he’s making up for lost time. After all he couldn’t eat for almost 3 weeks. The doctor gave him permission to remove the tube from his nose on Monday, but Creed decided to hold on to it until his nurse “peanut butter” came back on Wednesday night. So waited we did, and on Wednesday night she took it out. I don’t know if you remember from previous post me talking about Creed’s red blood cells destroying themselves. He was having that problem about 6 weeks ago. Well it returned again this week. I guess you could say this was our big issue for the week. Throughout treatment he has built up antibodies against certain things in the blood that is given to him when he needs a transfusion. I would try and explain this in more or better detail, but it really wouldn’t matter. It’s still pretty hard to completely grasp so just nod and go with it. The problem this causes for Creed is that when he does need a blood transfusion, finding blood that his body won’t attack or react to is getting harder and harder. And it’s come to the point where the doctors are having to weight the pros vs cons. Most days they decided that since he wasn’t having any symptoms from his low hemoglobin that they would continue to watch him. Their fear was they weren’t sure exactly what kind of reaction Creed may have to the transfused blood, if any at all. To big of a risk to take, unless his hemoglobin continued to drop. It held it’s own for a couple of days but on Thursday his hemoglobin dropped below his threshold and they had to do something. They decided to divide the unit in half. He received half that afternoon and the other that night. Luckily he did NOT have any sort of reaction to the transfusion, so thankful for that. What we are left with now is trying to figure out which cells are bullying the other cells. Who’s killing who? They have spent the majority of the week coming up with a game plan, consulting other doctors and decided that another bone marrow biopsy would help. They are going to look and see if it’s the A donor, B donor or the cells that Creed is making that is causing all the trouble. This Wednesday Creed will have another biopsy to hopefully put an end to all this craziness.

Speaking of craziness, I’ll go back now to my original topic. On Thursday I went home for some rest, or so I thought. Early Friday morning while turning over I was blessed with my not so close friend VERTIGO. He stayed with me all weekend and decided to leave on Sunday night around 8:00pm. Needless to say, I didn’t get much rest, I did sleep but having your head spin constantly doesn’t make for much resting. Between the week starting off with a few restless nights and then ending it with vertigo I pretty much hit a wall. Thank goodness Gogo and Gigi were here to help out. I guess you can see why there hasn’t been an update all week. My sweet friend Kathryn, who usually does this for me asked several times if she could post something for me, but I honestly didn’t have the energy to tell her what to post. I was just done. So here I am on Monday night back at my post. So glad to see my Creeder and snuggle with him again. I missed him terribly while I was sick. I hate that you all weren’t in the loop on what was going on, but I was all out of energy. I’m hoping to start this week off slow and easy. Nothing crazy!! At least that’s my hopes…we all know how that could go. Other than the biopsy on Wednesday we have a smooth week scheduled. The best part is that we are headed home on Wednesday after the biopsy!!! We’ve been waiting for this news for weeks. Creed is very excited about going home and now being able to go outside!!! Lucky day!!! As we start this week please join us in praying for answers from the biopsy so that the doctors can figure out what’s going on with his red blood cells. Thanks for all the kind post and notes sent. I am constantly reminded how many of you are out there praying for us. Hope you all have a great week!!

Much love,

  1. Ricky and Toni Dugham says:


  2. Debra Knight says:

    So sorry to hear about your vertigo Steph. I know it must have been very difficult for you to be away from Creed.

    Praying for the doctors to find out why Creed keeps having problems with his platelets and hgb. Also praying for the rest of you to fell the love of Christ during this Thanksgiving Season. We have so much to be thankful for. Every picture that is posted, I look into that precious face and see a miracle.

    My prayer is for ya’ll to be home at Thanksgivng and enjoy and love one another.

    Debra Knight

  3. Charles Adams says:

    Please know that we continue to pray for Creed and all your family. I hope that you do get home for Thanksgiving and have a wonderful celebration. Peace, Charles Adams

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