Day +91

Posted: November 22, 2010 by Kat in Uncategorized

Most of you don’t know that Creed came home on Wednesday afternoon. Honestly, I was a tad nervous about posting that. It seems we don’t stay home very long after we’re discharged, so I thought I’d cross my fingers and see what happened. As you can guess we we’re both so excited to be home. Thursday we did nothing but just be. We snuggled together on the sofa, watched movies and enjoyed the freedom of home. Friday morning we had to be in clinic at 8:15. We were welcomed backed with big smiles and lots of “I missed yous”. We were back home by 2:00 and we’re getting ready for a weekend at home. Around 5:00 that afternoon Creed told me his back was hurting and by 8:00pm I was on the phone with the doctor. I gave him some pain meds like she said, but something told me it wouldn’t be that easy. By 1:30am Creed was in terrible pain and so we packed up and headed back down to Egleston. After seeing the doctor and having X-rays of his tummy he began to poop blood, only blood. By 8:00am Saturday morning we were finally getting into our room back in the BMT unit, 3209. We actually rode up on the elevator with Creeds doctor who was headed down to the ER to see us. Standing in the elevator his doctor looked at Creed and just sighed. I could tell his heart hurt for all of us, but especially Creed. I’m sure as his doctor it’s so frustrating to see your patient go through so much. I know they see this over and over, but for some reason that morning we all just felt defeated. He walked right in to the room with us and gave us the game plan for the day. Nothing to eat and nothing to drink unless he was taking his meds. You can imagine Creeds excitement to that news. The bottom line for the bleeding is that C’s gi tract is just very fragile from all he’s gone through. (this is common with BMT kids) We just have to be very easy on his tummy for a while and allow it to heal. Because his platelets are usually low, it’s hard, almost impossible for his body to clot when he does bleed. Once we got settled, they gave him a platelet transfusion. Creed and I slept from 8:30-2:00 on Saturday, we we’re awake for about 30 minutes and then back out until around 4:30. We had a long night and the nurses were so sweet and just let us crash without coming in and checking on us. On Sunday Creed was able to eat jello and popsicles. The blood finally stopped (in his poop). He received another platelet transfusion that afternoon and again in the middle of the night. He’s feeling great and hasn’t had any pain since Friday night. Monday the doctors allowed him to start eating again. He was thrilled!! Cheese grits, a biscuit and 2 sausage patties was his first order of the day. If all goes well through the day, we’ll probably head home tomorrow. The plan for today is to just rest. I think we can handle that.

Love to all…

  1. Joan White says:

    My heart aches for all of you, especially Creed, for what you have been through with so many ups and downs., It is unbelieveable, and Creed is such a fighter. I just keep hoping and praying that there are brighter days ahead for you all.

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