From a special friend of Creed’s

Posted: December 7, 2010 by Kat in Uncategorized

A special friend to Creed sent this prayer to Steph last night. The amazing thing is that the friend is only seventeen years old – what amazing insight and faithfulness from a teenager.

Dear God,
“You will be safe in His Arms.” God what am I thinking about?… Creed. That blog really scared me today. The ICU, thats a scary place. It breaks me up inside because Creed is such a light and his personality is bigger than anyone I know. It makes me sad that he has to be in the hospital and not outside living it up. God, but then I think about his attitude and how happy he is no matter what. God he has changed my life and shown me that you really do live inside people. He doesn’t have to be outside to be living. Like.. his sweet voice, kind words, funny comments, and of course that big loud worship voice with his b sound instead of V. And God his heart… how much bigger can one get? I just pray that you continue to lead him into healthier days, even though I know that may have a few bumps along the way. I mean hey nothing can be perfect right? I also just pray for Stephanie. She has also changed my life this year. God her attitude and amazing personality and sense of humor. What a perfect match for the Creeder. God she has shown me how much trust and control you have. God she has shown me the love and grace you show others. God she teaches me strength and dependence. I don’t even think she realizes how much people watch, learn, and grow from her. And the way she handles every situation…wow. God I am so very blessed that you have given me the chance to know and love on these people. A perfect match, Steph and Creed. God I know that one day there story will change the world…. I know it is already changing mine.
Those two people have a lot of purpose on this earth and I am so happy for the way you hand crafted each of them. Their purpose… I can not even wait to continue to see it be lived out. God I love them and have not seen you so big in someone ever before. Thank you for them. I’ll continue to Pray Big.


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