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I have fallen face down in the chapel at Egleston begging God to hear my prayers and every other one sent tonight. All I can do is sit here and listen to steve fee sing GLORY TO GOD over and over on my phone. It’s not much but it’s all I’ve got right now.

God I just ask that you hold my precious child in your healing hands. That he feels no pain or discomfort. God I pray you heal him, every inch and that this will be yet another way for others to see your glory and greatness. God I sit here in complete brokeness and pain. I can barely see to type, eyes swollen, skin chapped, head hurts, nose completely closed from swelling and yet I want nothing more than to just feel you here with me. I look out at all the Christmas lights and think this is the season you brought Creed into this world and selfishly I ask that it not be the season you take him. I can hear his laughter and see his adorable face in every light I see. God I know he is yours, I’ve said it from the beginning and I know he’s better off in heaven with you, but I still hope and pray that you allow me more time, more laughter, more birthdays, more sits on santas lap, more eggs to hunt, more first days of school, more “mommy is it time to snuggle?”, more, more, more! God Creed needs you now, to take those precious preemie lungs and make them whole. He’s fought his entire life and if it’s up to him he won’t stop now. God you’re my everything and I give him to you, I trust you God and know your will be done. Thank you for loving us like you do.

Face down and broken with my eyes on you,
Creeds mom

  1. Ricky and Toni Dugham says:


  2. Rocky Thomas says:

    We are in constant prayer and boldly asking God to bring healing and strength to Creed and clarity and wisdom to the doctors. We have asked our entire family and everyone know to do the same. I know that God hears your every plea and feels every portion of your pain. He has been with you on every step of this journey and He will not leave you now!!!
    Father, we come before you broken and afraid. You know our heart’s desire before we ask and, Father, right now we need your healing for Creed. Please give the doctors a revelation and the wisdom to do the things that will keep Creed stable and allow him to heal and gain strength. Please wrap your strong and loving arms around Stephanie and let her know that you are there. Father, we know that you can do anything and you instruct us to ask for what we want. We also know that you are always in control. Please hear our voices as we ask for Creed’s recovery and healing…..
    Steph, we love you and are standing in the gap.
    Rocky & Terry

  3. Our God is greater, our God is stronger
    God You are higher than any other
    Our God is Healer, awesome in power
    Our God, Our God…

    I sent this to Gigi this morning! We are praying for you and I have everyone that reads my blog and on FB praying as well!

    God, just hold Creed, Stephanie, and his family in your arms, bring him healing bc you are our healer!

  4. sherry Manross says:

    i am praying for that sweet boy! i hesitate to say anything more because i know what you are going through. i can tell you that i believe you have already done the most important thing you can do: you have given creed to God and are trusting in Him. i know how you are hurting and how afraid you are. i am praying for God to be with you all, and most of all, that precious little boy.

  5. Emily says:

    Since I received this news, you and your family have been in our prayers. I feel your pain. I feel your tears. I feel your heart of a mother. Please be strong and know that our heavenly father knows us and is watching over us.


  6. Brenda Barbee says:

    I agree with you and your prayer. Lord, we speak healing over Creed’s body and his lungs. Thank you for reaching down and touching every fiber and very cell of his little body and restoring them by your creative power. Send your angels to minister to him and to his precious mom.

  7. Ginger McKinney says:

    I will be remembering this precious child and the family in
    my prayers this Christmas holiday. May God bless you all,

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