Day +110 Update from Steph

Posted: December 12, 2010 by Kat in Uncategorized

Creed was stable thru the night. They were able to wean him down more settings on the vent. All in all he’s made small progress. The issue at hand is making sure his kidneys can get the water out of his system. He’s getting medication to help with that and as long as that works he won’t have to go on dialysis. We’ve been reassured that hemoc and bmt kids experience this. So this isn’t anything they aren’t familiar with. Overall the doc is pleased with the progress he’s made.

Thank you for the prayers! Please keep them coming!

  1. Debra Knight says:

    Praising the progress. Hope you are taking care of yourself and allowing others to take care of you Steph. You need to be strong when Creed is awake and off the vent. As I have come to understand he is 100% boy and having 3 of my own I know you need your energy to keep up with him. Hugs and prayers coming coming your way.

  2. Sherry Cannon says:

    A friend of mine that works at Dr Dukes office in Americus heard about your situation and ask us to pray for ya’ll. I attend Still Water Chapel in Ideal, Ga. and we have put Creed on the prayer list. The whole congregation will lift him up in prayer.
    I pray heaven’s best for you and your family. I am believing for a complete healing for Creed and strength and wisodom for you and your husband.
    May God Bless and keep you,

    “God is our refuge and strength, and ever present help in trouble… Psalm 46.

  3. debbie upchurch says:

    Hello Creed,

    I am Ella’s Mimi ,and GrandBob and I had the pleasure of meeting you this summer in the cafeteria at Egleston. We were so impressed with your savvy with the iphone…you could handle it much better than I can! My family and I have been praying for you and your parents…just like your family prays for Ella. You are a terrific boy surrounded by terrific parents and grandparents. Mimi

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