Day +111 update

Posted: December 14, 2010 by Kat in Uncategorized

I didn’t really feel up to typing an update or talking this morning, so I decided to wait until tonight to share Creed’s day. He had a very busy day, it started out around 11:00 with the dr talking with us about his progress over the last 12 hours. During the night we began having trouble with his sugar being very high. We were able to control it by using insulin through the night but long term they want to have him on continuous insulin so we don’t have to play catch up, we can constantly keep it under control. We were able to go another day without dialysis, but will recheck his levels in the morning. We were able to do the bronch scope this afternoon. He tolerated it very well. It takes about 3 days for some of the results to come back and a couple if weeks for some of the others. They did see signs of bleeding in the lower parts of his lungs, but you can’t tell if it’s current blood or if it’s been there. He also his having a 24 hour EEG to watch his brain activity. He had a art line placed today as well. This will help with drawing blood for the many many test being ran on him. The art line is very similar to an IV, the difference is it’s in an artery instead of a vein. The can also have a constant blood pressure on him. Creed has been lying on his tummy because it helps with his breathing. Today they flipped him to his back and he’s done very well with that as well. Physical and occupational therapist came by today and evaluated him. He’s doing ok in those areas as of now. The physical therapist did put boots on his feet to keep them flexed. Creed is on a paralysis medication and the doctors like to turn them off for what they call a “paralytic holiday”. This allows creed to move his body briefly. He didn’t love this…according to his blood pressure, so his holiday was pretty short today. They’re going to try that again tomorrow. He’s been a trooper as always. Praying tomorrow brings a few steps forward, in any direction really, just forward. Please continue to pray for his lungs and kidneys. I want so badly to see my creeder again.

Creed’s mom

  1. Debra Knight says:

    Creed continues to be in our hearts and prayers. I was driving home today and “How Great is Our God” came on and you and Creed came to mind as I sang and Prayed. Know love and prayers are coming your way day and night ~ night and day.

  2. Lisa Holloway says:

    We are praying for Creed and for you and all his family. He is precious to so many people and his life has touched us in many different ways! Hold on and know that when you are too tired and weak to pray, there are those of standing in the gap for you and him.

  3. oh how I wish I could give YOU the kind of rest you truly need right now steph. The kind that allows sleep to come quickly, peacefulley, not edgy or light . . . I don’t know how that can happen for you in the position you face right now. . . so I’m just adding that to the miracle prayer list . . . but I DO know its as inmportant to God as every other one of these millions of prayer lifted for Creed. we love you like you cannot imagine.


  4. Dawn says:

    We are praying for Creed in Miami. We met you all at Lighthouse and have followed his story ever since. He has changed our lives. The image and sound of him singing Glory to God will be with me forever. There is no greater or purer worship I have ever heard.

    May God sustain you and grant you insurprassable peace beyond all understanding. We will pray for healing…God’s perfect healing!

    Dawn and Chris George
    “CJ’s familly”
    from Lighthouse

  5. sherry Manross says:

    another prayer being prayed right now.

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