New prayer pager and a prayer

Posted: December 15, 2010 by Kat in Uncategorized

Creed has a new prayer pager. You can not imagine how wonderful it is for them to hear that pager and know that someone is praying for them!
Please call whenever you think of Creed! Share it with your friends, family, neighbors, small group, Sunday School class, anyone who can take 2 minutes to make that call!


Creed’s special friend from Lighthouse, Matt, shared this prayer with Steph yesterday:

Biggest prayers and declaration are for Creeds quick and full recovery. That God would restore him to perfection. That since Creed was born he was a miracle. And I pray God continues with his miracle and fully restores his lung, kidneys and internal organs. That his premature body would be strong enough through the power and blood of Christ. Lord that Creed would be covered in your blood and our prayers to lift him up. Lord he deserves to live a full life, because he has so much life to live. I’ve seen no person more full of life. And Steph is the greatest mom you could have ever made for Creed. She has shown me so much strength and love it is indescribable. I didn’t know one person could have that much strength and love. She wants her boy back so bad Lord. Give her her precious son of God back to her. Lord through you your miracle will live and Creed and his story will bring glory to the kingdom of heaven. The angels will cry out and the people on the earth will declare that this was a miracle of God. That God is real and He is with us. Jesus means God with us. God be with us. God I pray that your hands be my hands, that where I touch you heal. Where I breathe you give life. What I declare, you make true. Restore this boy, restore Steph, restore Jon. Lord that your perfect plan will be done. Lord take any fear and replace it with trust. Lord that nothing could come against us. That it is, because of your sacrifice on the cross that we declare healing and restoration. You came to make us whole. Make Creed whole. It is in your name we pray, Jesus Christ, Amen


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