12/16/10 Update!

Posted: December 17, 2010 by Kat in Uncategorized

So glad to report another good day!! This morning the doctors came in to give us the plan for the day. For the first time in awhile, KY, Creed’s primary BMT doc actually smiled as he said goodbye. That was a good sign to start the day on. Creed’s done really well all day. His vent settings have been decreased and they started feeding him through his NG tube. In the past, whenever they start putting food in his tummy, that’s a good sign. His X-ray from this morning showed much improvement!! He’ll have another one in the morning. He’s been off of the paralytic medication since yesterday morning and will remain off unless he need’s it. He’s stirred quite a bit today and even shook his head no when asked a question. As for tomorrow, it’s pretty much more of the same, resting, and weaning down on the vent.

I’ve slowly started to relax and come down off the ledge. I can see the good from all the machines and seeing progress is always comforting. I’m completely supported from friends and pretty much all of the nurses from BMT. I love seeing them come down here to check on us. They really are part of our family. Hopefully it won’t be long and we’ll be settled back in upstairs and this will be all behind us.

Until tomorrow…
Creed’s mom

  1. Debra Knight says:

    What great news!!! Your strength and courage are a testimony and witness to so many. Our God is an AWESOME God!!!
    Continuing to pray!
    Much love,
    Debra Knight

  2. dawn says:

    Stephanie and creeder,
    It was so great to see u guys today and such a blessing to see creeder move and open his eyes for a few quick seconds. It truly was such an exciting moment for me and I know its been for the other nurses as well. I just love that our nightly routine at home has recently consisted of a beep alarming on my phone only for me to find creeders daily update. I then say, andrew want to hear creeds update for the day to which he replies yes, and then I read outloud while him and cody listen, and then we pray, and tell cody he will get to meet creeder once he gets all better. We hate that this is happening to creed and wish that updates like this past week weren’t necessary, but in the midst of it all its been very special to be a part of creeds prayor warriors and to see first hand how those prayers are working. Tonight we pray for rest, comfort, and improvement in labs, blood gasses, vent settings, counts, and blood pressure. See u tomorrow with beads of course.
    Dawn (andrew and cody)

  3. Beth Winderweedle says:

    Stephanie and Creed, We cannot begin to tell you how
    excited we were to read this update! I was upstairs checking your
    blog and nearly fell down the stairs trying to run down here to
    tell Ryan! Creed you are by far the toughest guy we know. We are
    praying so hard for you and your mom and dad. Praying for a night
    of peaceful rest and another day of much improvement! We love you!
    Ryan, Beth, Ryder and Maxi-Max!

  4. Gigi says:

    December 16, 2010 Good morning Lord, It’s 6:35 am and this
    is my favorite time to sit in your presence. You and I have been
    meeting like this for many years but this morning is more precious
    as I sit and reflect on my life and blessings that You have
    bestowed and blessed me with. Thirty five years ago, you placed a
    bundle of pure joy in my arms and gave me the honor and priviledge
    of her calling me her mom. We have enjoyed so many wonderful things
    together and shared many heartaches together. The good things were
    multiplied by sharing and the sad things were split in half by
    sharing to make life’s burdens lighter to bear. As I sit here
    between my precious daughter and grandson, my mind goes back to
    wonderful memories of rocking, feeding and caring for her through
    many sleepless nights. Has it really been 35 years ago? Funny it
    seems like just yesterday. Sledding in baby bathtubs, skint knees,
    riding bikes, first ugly word, dancing, gymnastics, twirling, High
    Stepper mascot, sitting at the foot of the bed chatting into the
    night and sharing always sharing whether we agreed or not and
    through it all you were a part of us. Perfect? No, I am far from
    that. Mistakes? Yes, I have made many of them. But memories? Oh
    definitely, and that is where I sit now. Sitting here praising You
    for the wonderful sacred memories watching her grow into the
    wonderful beautiful Christian woman that she is now. Then my
    thoughts turn to a very special time in her life. The day You
    placed a sweet bundle of joy, she named Creed, into her arms. Our
    journey these 6 years has not been an easy one, but it has kept us
    walking hand in hand with you and as usual has taught us what is
    important in life. Oh the precious memories we continue to make as
    she raises her son as a Godly mother. Teaching, encouraging,
    rocking, holding, loving and nurturing him. Oh the memories she is
    making with him and allowing me to make with him. Father, I love
    watching my Steph interact with her Creed. To see the love shine in
    her eyes as she plays with him, holds him when he is sick, talks
    about him to others and even as she watches tv with him I am filled
    with love and compassion for her. She is an amazing young mother.
    She never ceases to give all that she has for her son. Her life is
    one filled with decisions, trips to the clinic and hospital, days
    upon days of hospital life and yet she never complains. She simply
    does what she needs to do for that precious gift of life that You
    gave her. As I sit here and contemplate on this Christmas season, I
    pray that I get only one gift for Christmas. In all that is Holy,
    in the precious name of Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior, I ask You
    to hear the prayers of Your children and give Creed complete
    healing. I ask You to restore him to one hundred percent health.
    You have placed him here for a mighty purpose and as You have
    already revealed Yourself mightily through the ages, I pray that
    you would show Yourself one more time in Your miraculous way by
    giving Creed total and complete healing. By Your mighty hand You
    created this sweet little boy and though satan has attacked him
    through illness, I call on the strength of Job and in all that is
    holy, I ask Your healing touch to fall on Creed. I pray that my
    loving daughter be filled with Your strength as she continues to
    keep her eyes focused on You as she cares for her son and leads
    others to Your saving grace by her thoughts, prayers, actions and
    deeds. I am reminded of the multitude of angels that You sent to
    proclaim the birth of Your Son. The magnitude of the event had to
    be magnificent. In that thought I ask You to once again show Your
    magnitude in healing Creed and using him as a testimony to what
    prayer can do. I stand on the road with Jesus just as the centurion
    did and in the same faith he had, I ask You to heal Creed
    completely. Then use me to minister to others through this
    experience. I praise You Almighty God, I thank You and adore You. I
    worship You with my whole being. I accepted Your Son as my Savior
    years ago and in His holy and matchless name, Jesus the Christ, I
    lift this my prayer to You. Amen and Amen Mama/Gigi

  5. deena grimsley says:

    Wonderful news this week before Christmas! We are spreading
    the word to our friends on FB to pray for Creed and send him some
    mail!!!!( I am friends with Dwight.)

  6. kristen murray says:

    That is wonderful! He is a strong little boy!glad to hear
    He is doing better! God is so great!I have been praying and I have
    him on the prayer list at my church! I check the updates
    everyday!ppl always think they got it bad and its situations like
    these that really make ppl come together! No child should have to
    go through what he has and is going through but I look at it like
    this!it is making him so stronger! I am truely amazed by how well
    you are able to hold yourself together and how much strength yall
    both have! Well I hope the improvements continue! God bless you and
    your family!With much love and prayers , Kristen

  7. daphne gibson says:

    Congratulations on Creed’s update!God is truely merciful
    and His words ring true! He won’t put anymore on you than you can
    stand! My family and I will continue our prayers for Creed and your
    family! You are truely a mother sent from heaven and I admire your
    strength and courage. Merry Christmas! God bless you family and
    Creed!, Daphne

  8. Donna says:

    Awesome news! Made my day! We are praying constantly for
    you and Creed. Much love, hugs and prayers!

  9. Charles Adams says:

    Each new day provides a new opportunity for sharing love and praise. You all remain in our paryers.

  10. Andrew Thompson says:

    Steph, it was nice to see you earlier this week. Am
    absolutely thrilled that Creed is improving. You guy’s are very,
    very strong and an inspiration to many. My thoughts and prayers are
    with each of you. Your little Creed as a tough cookie. You should
    be proud of the spirit and strength that pumps through that little
    heart. Hope the weekend shows continued improvement!! AT

  11. Heather Hargis says:

    Stephanie and Jon, I do not personally know you all, but
    have been praying for Creed after getting emails from a lifelong
    friend of Courtney Dixon and Sheli Upchurch’s, Kristen Bagwell, who
    is a dear friend of mine from college. Our God is an awesome God
    and will continue to hear all of our prayers to completely heal
    little Creeder. Blessings to you all, Heather Hargis

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