12/17 update

Posted: December 17, 2010 by Kat in Uncategorized

Big sigh of relief is how I’ll describe this day. Chest X-ray showed more improvement and Creed responded very well to the vent weaning. The doctors were very happy with his overall progress. They have increased his feeds, and continued aggressive weaning today and will through the night as well. We could very well be at our goal by the morning…

I love seeing Creed following routine and that’s what he’s done today. I’ve watched him recover many times, and there are little things he does along the way that bring much peace to me. My heart smiles as I see him in his own way show me he’s ok. I pray every time I’m in this position that it’s the last, but for whatever reason God has different plans. From the notes, emails and letters I’ve received lately, I feel like God is using Creed in a very special way. Being on the front row definitely kept me on the edge of my seat lately, but seeing God so clearly has been completely amazing!!

Hope to report more great news tomorrow!!!

Much love,
Creed’s mom

  1. Debra Knight says:

    It’s like you are on the front row and we are your radio audience…..or newspaper audience. We wait anxiously to see how God has worked each day, all the while praying for a miracle all day long. God is definitely at work. The updates usually come in on my Blackberry while we are watching a Christmas movie. Chuck pauses and I read out loud. It’s like a bell goes off because when I start reading, if all the boys aren’t in the room, they quickly appear. Like I have said before…..watching God work is a privilege but watching it through your eyes is an honor and a witness to many. It sure has been a testimony to me in strength, courage and FAITH!!! Your Mom has told us many times how she is so proud of the woman you have become. I am not surprised……you come from good stock!!
    We will keep lifting you and Creed up. (GiGi,Pop Pop and Jon too) and you can keep reporting our Christmas miracle from your front row seat!
    Much Love and Lots of Praying!
    Debra and Chuck Knight
    Wesley, David and Dallas

  2. deena grimsley says:

    I am SO Happy to hear of Creed’s continued progress. Just
    as amazing though, is your strength and faith. Not only is Creed an
    inspiration, but so is his Mama. From now on when my faith is
    tested with difficulties, I will look back at you, Stephanie, and
    know by your example that I can handle these with faith and

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