12/18 update

Posted: December 20, 2010 by Kat in Uncategorized

Well today didn’t go totally as we hoped. Creed was not extabated, as much as I wanted them to, I definitely don’t want them to if he’s not ready. He was weaned more today. We’ll see what tomorrow looks like. He took down another dialysis circuit. The docs are leaving him off for now and are checking his blood levels every 6 hours to see now his kidneys are working. On a very good note, Creed spent a good bit of his day awake and responsive. This morning he awoke and wanted to see me, and throughout the day answered questions by nodding. He had several family visitors today who all were so excited about seeing him and the interaction they received from him. We’re making baby steps towards getting out of PICU and back to the BMT floor. Our goal is set for Christmas. We have made several new nurses and expanded our family a little bit more. It definitely will be sad leaving them, but they know where to find us! Since we can only have 3 visitors in the room at a time, it might be hard for santa to come on Christmas eve. An even bigger reason why we need to relocate. Tomorrow starts week 3 and we’re praying for big things…
1. Stay off dialysis
2. Get off ventilator
3. All blood levels remain normal

On a funny note, we lost another animal tonight. Yep, we had another poop incident! I kinda think he may be doing this just to be funny. The longer you leave the tube in his throat, the more he poops his bed. He’ll show’em.

Until tomorrow,
Creed’s mom


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