Important Update

Posted: December 26, 2010 by Kat in Uncategorized

From Steph: Creed is back in PICU (pediatric intensive care
unit) and on the ventilator. Lots of unknowns and lots of tears
shed. Please pray.

  1. Dawn green Kown says:

    We are praying hard for creeder. Hope he remains
    comfortable throughout the day and his lungs get some rest. Praying
    for comfort, direction, and answers. We love yall

  2. Sue Gonzalez says:

    TONS of prayers coming your way!!!! We’ve been thinking of you so much lately these past few weeks. We just spent 16 days in the hospital with Kenzie right before Christmas, and stayed 2 days in the PICU, and thought of you & Creed non-stop. Just let your faith get you through this, and let all your wonderful prayer warriors lift you up. Tell him Mackenzie’s sending him hugs and warm wishes. Stay strong Steph. We love you guys! Hugs and prayers….

    Sue, Yovany, Alicia, Anthony, Kenzie & Chris

  3. Debra Knight says:

    Our heart is broken! We are praying and keeping you close in our hearts.
    Much Love,
    Chuck and Debra Knight

  4. Dawn George says:

    We are so saddened by this news. We will continue to pray.
    All our love. Your Lighthouse friends. The George Family.

  5. deena grimsley says:

    I am so so sorry for this setback. I will be praying for
    this precious child every miute that I can. PLEASE keep us updated.
    Thanks. Deena

  6. Heather Davis says:

    Stephanie– As always you are in my prayers. Praying especially hard for you and Creed today. Let God give you the strength to hold on to.

    Love James, Heather, Aiden & Ava Davis

  7. Maxine Ashby says:

    Steph, Know that prayers are being said for Creed on the
    Eastern Shore of VA. I am Courtney’s aunt, John’s sister and we are
    keeping Creed lifted up through our church and in the Monday
    morning prayer group. God is with you and you are being surrounded
    by a cloud of witnesses for Creed’s improvement. Blessings to you

  8. Brie Haggard says:

    My name is Brie I do not personally know you or Creed but i
    have been following his story after learning about him from
    Allisyn, and my prayers are out to you guys during this rough time.
    He sounds like a very tough little man 🙂 May God bring you and
    your family some hope during this rough time.

  9. sherry Manross says:

    i am praying. Creed has stolen my heart.

  10. sherry Manross says:

    Creed has stolen my heart. We will keep on praying.

  11. Beth Winderweedle says:

    My heart is heavy for you and Creed. Praying that God will
    heal Creed and comfort you, Stephanie. You’re an amazing mom and
    your strength and faith encourage me every day. Love &
    Prayers Beth

  12. Brandi Roland says:

    Stephanie, Please know that we are praying for you, Creed,
    and Jon.

  13. Debbie says:

    Prayers coming your way Stephanie and Creed. We have had
    you in our prayers since we found out about you. All my kids ask
    about you when they see me.

  14. Debbie says:

    Creed you have really made me look at life alot different.
    You have that pull on hearts. I’m blessed to have your mommy as my

  15. Andrea Young says:

    Stephanie…this momma was up through the watches of the night praying for you and I even had a dream about your sweet boy. Needless to say he is very much on our hearts!!! Please know we are thinking of you guys and praying!!!!!!!!

  16. Jen Hebert Geist says:

    Calling God to you and Creed, Stephanie. Lifting you both up in our thoughts. Praying that this is a quick set-back and he is back on the floor in no time. Lots of love…The Geist family

  17. Amy (Craig) Freeman says:

    Steph, Creed and John, Please know that you are all in our
    prayers at this trying time of your lives. Hoping things start
    looking up and Creed gets better.

  18. Jan McElroy At TOG says:

    Prayers are with Creed and you. We are lifting Creed up . JAN MCELROY

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