1/3/11 First update in 2011!!! (Day + 133)

Posted: January 3, 2011 by creedsstory in Uncategorized

So I told you all I would do a better job of not allowing so much time in between posts. I honestly had this great update for Christmas night and as many of you know, Christmas night did not turn out exactly like I’d hoped. Around 9:00 pm Christmas night, Creed began having trouble with his breathing. They tried all the easy fixes for this, like turning up the amount of oxygen he was getting, the force of the flow, different types of mask etc. After probably 15-20 minutes of this, I could tell where we were headed. All to familiar… as I sat there thinking this couldn’t possibly be happening on Christmas night, and fighting the urge to throw up, it was in fact happening. AGAIN!!! Within what seemed like just minutes we were surrounded by nurses and the doctor from the PICU and decisions were being made which included a ride down to the PICU while I held his oxygen mask tightly on his face. About 3 hours before this, I watched a mom and dad following a stretcher with their sweet little boy on it headed down to the PICU. I stood there thinking what a horrible way to spend Christmas night. My heart hurt for them as I saw the panic on their faces. Little did I know, I’d be riding on the bed with my sweet little boy headed back to the PICU. We were put in a room where the doctor intibated Creed and about 30 minutes later Jon and I walked back into his room to a very familiar but heartbreaking site. His little lungs had somehow hemorrhaged and he just couldn’t keep up. After getting settled into his new room and discussing the last hour with the PICU doctor, I curled up at the foot of his bed and fell asleep. Jon and Gogo stayed in the room with us that night, and Gigi and Pop went back to his BMT room. I will say that I spent the majority of the day thinking that no matter where we were on Christmas, I was just thankful that he was awake and able to talk to us. He was able to open his gifts, and see what Santa brought him. I didn’t even think that after he opened his last gift at 9:15pm we’d be riding back over to what had been our home for the past 3 weeks. As I laid there in his bed, I had to ask God why? And even though I knew he was there with us, I just really felt like I had to ask. I’ve not doubted him so far and I will continue on the same path as it has taught me so much. But my heart was definitely hurting and I wanted so much to take away all that Creed was going through.

Morning quickly came and we all tried to have a “normal” day. He was in a much better situation that before, meaning he wasn’t as sick. He was not paralyzed or heavily sedated. He was awake and aware of what was going on around him, which was a great thing. At least I could talk to him and see his eyes. He luckily didn’t have to stay on the ventilator very long this time. Two days and he was back off.

For now, he’s doing a lot of resting and letting his lungs heal. He is on what is called a high flow nasal canula now. This delivers humidified oxygen with extra flow to help him out as he recovers. For now we’re still in the PICU and I have no desire to run out of here yet. I just want him healthy and whatever it takes to get him there, I game for.

I know this doesn’t really sound like a whole lot, especially since it’s taken me so long to post. I’ve just been tired and haven’t felt like taking the time to do it. I have so many thoughts right now, that I’d love to share and I will, but I can’t get them out and express them the way I want. I will soon…just want to gather them and share them effectively.

Hope you all had a great Christmas and New Years!! As I have said the last 5 years, I’m hoping 2011 will be Creed’s year to turn all this around and be a healthy little boy. Praying God thinks so too!!

Love to all,
Creed’s mom

  1. Alibrandi George says:

    Hey Guys! , I have been reading Creed’s updates since before Christmas and I am so glad to hear how he is doing. My family was at the Lighthouse retreat in 2010 with Creed. Oh he was soooo much fun! I loved seeing that little ball of energy run across the beach! And now it’s hard to picture him in the hospital stuck in bed and having a tough time…. I know he will be running around again very soon! I love ya’ll and I am praying for Creed and for all of you!
    ~Alibrandi George

  2. deena grimsley says:

    Oh Stephanie, I did not know all of this had happened since Christmas night. I was thinkig over the weekend that I had not gotten any updates and began to feel uncomfortable about it. I kept waiting for more good pictures after the “building blocks”. I too, do not understand God’s works in this. I also know he forgives us for questioning when we turn back to putting our faith in Him. Sometimes it is just almost too hard, as you know far better than any of my difficult life experiences. You give strength and courage to us as we pray for strength and courage for you and Creed. God hears our prayers, He just hasn’t let us know the full plan!

    Continued prayers for all of you. Dwight’s friends from Weston,
    Deena , Richard and Ben Grimsley

  3. Paige Dudley says:

    Hang in there — we are lifting you up in prayer!

  4. Charles Adams says:

    Please know that as we move through this new year we shall be praying for Creed’s healing and for God’s holy presence with all of you. Peace, Charles Adams

  5. Karen says:

    Praying for your little man!

  6. John Rainbolt says:

    god speed Creed. hang tough everybody all our love, the rainbolt family

  7. Jennifer Hughes says:

    Hang in there Momma !!!!! Praying for you and Creeder and hoping each day brings better and better news. Still tracking you even though I can’t see you. xxxoooxxx

  8. sherry Manross says:

    I am praying in agreement with you! He is so precious.

    • Sandee Wilson says:

      You do not know me, I just came o be a part of the many prayer warriors all over the Nation that are praying for Creed, you, and all the family. I only write this in hopes it will strengthen your soul and mind for all the things to come. I think you have the right to question God any time you get ready, he Loves to hear from us no matter what we have to say, believe me – he wants to hear from you. I too am going to ask him what’s up?? He is so good and faithful to us, he will give you the reason within yourself. I will continue to be a part of this precious life, your child, and I know God’s will is all we can ask. Praying in Alabama!!

  9. Melba Franklin says:


    I have not missed a day praying at 12noon — I love that my phone sends me an alarm to remind me. I also tried to call the beeper to let you know that I prayed for Creed and you too. I heart aches for you. I believe in the power of prayer and I promised to continue praying for all of you. Keep the Faith — 2011 will be a great year for you and us! Get some rest!
    Sheli Mom (Yaya)

  10. Joan White says:

    I was so sorry to read the latest post. I had hoped Christmas would be a turning point for little Creed, but hopefuly brighter days are ahead. We’ll keep the prayers coming.

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