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Room 4111 still sounds pretty much the same as it did. The oscillator is still chugging over by Creed’s bed along with all the dings and chimes from the pumps. I wish I had something wonderful to share, but things are still about the same. I had a pretty long conversation with one of the attending physicians tonight about Creed’s progress or lack of. He explained in great detail how kids with very sick lungs like Creed can not be rushed or pushed. If they are pushed you end up damaging their lungs and give them several, several years of emphysema type lungs. But if you care for them gently they normally recover without much damage at all. It just takes some time. Some time meaning weeks, even up to a month or so. This is definitely not what Jon and I are used to.  Creed has always snapped back, always. I guess to a fault, because that’s all we know. To see him down for so long is terribly hard. We’re ready to see some big improvement, but reality is, it’s gonna be a while. So I share all this for a few reasons: one, because you care and are on this journey with us. Two, to pray, pray, pray for Creed’s little lungs to take all the time they need to heal, but not forever. And three, to pray for us.  We are starting our sixth week in the PICU and it doesn’t get any easier. In fact, I’d say it gets harder. We’re tired and missing him so much. We watch the numbers on the machines and long for them to be perfect so this nightmare will be over. The reality is though, we don’t know when that is, so until then we both need patience and understanding. God works in his own time. That’s perfection, and that’s what we all want. So we’re here waiting, longing for his little body to respond and make the next step forward.


Creed’s mom

  1. Sue says:

    Prayers, prayers and more prayers are headed your way! Wishing they could all snap back to perfect health immediately, but we’ll wait and pray with you for as long as it takes until that little cutie is ready for action again. Missing you and our long talks on the sofa at Lighthouse. Give him a hug & a kiss from Mackenzie. She just loves your little guy!


  2. Karen says:

    Good to hear from you! I can’t imagine how long the days and nights must be as you just SIT and watch your little man sleep! I volunteer at CHOA on Wednesdays and I would love to come to the parent’s waiting room and meet you. Is there anything I can bring you?
    Praying for your family and Creed!

  3. sherry Manross says:

    I think of all the things that have taken place in the last six weeks and it is staggering. I know you are exhausted through and through. I can actually feel your deep fatigue. It is encouraging that the doctor seems to be saying that given time Creed’s little lungs WILL heal. That is an amazing luxury to be given if you think about it. He is healing. Thank you to God! I am praying for all of you. I am praying that Creed continues to heal and thrive. He is so beautiful. HE takes my breath away … I know I have written this before. It is true, though. He is loved so completely … God be with you all every moment of today and tomorrow and … well, Always! Very Sincerely Yours

  4. John Rainbolt says:

    We (Klave/rainbolts) think and pray for Creed everyday. We pray for his little body to heal and pray for strengh to you and Jon. Be strong, You are not alone

  5. Kevin Clements says:

    I hope you feel our prayers and Love… Kevin

  6. Carla Raburn Odom says:

    You, Creed and your family are in our prayers. Sitting and waiting is not an easy task. I remember those days. I know that you are exhausted, but God has a plan for Creed. God will heal Creed and you will soon be able to hear Creed’s voice say “Mama”. Stay strong.

  7. Hello Creed and Stephanie,
    Chloe wants you to know that she prays for your healing and that you are in her heart and she thinks of you alot! She is sending you a picture that she drew today.
    Don and I love you and we know God will heal you in His own time and in His is own way, He has given us this promise in His word, the Bible. I saw the snowman that was standing next to you in your bed, I hope he didn’t melt and drip water on you. That would be very cold!
    When you feel better we want you to give your mommy a big hug and a kiss.
    We are, “Seeking the Lord and His Strength: Seek His face continually”, for you and your family.
    Continually trusting, Don and Susan and Chloe (Abby and Summer)

  8. Melba Franklin says:

    Truly think of you daily and pray for both Creed’s lungs to get better and for you, Stephanie. I canot imageine being there at tht hopsital with Creed for that long. You are loved and Creed is loved by more people than you can imageine. Also, more prayers that you will ever know are out there for you both! Love, Sheli’s Mom — Melba

  9. Sharon Pounds says:


    My heart hurts for all of you and I pray all the time that Creed will soon be back to his adorable little self.

  10. Stephanie Patterson Ryals says:

    Though I dont know you personally, I have been told about Creed and your blog from a friend (Julie Beck). Julie apparently went to high school with you. Anyway, I just want you to know how your story and Creed’s story has so very much touched my heart. I have gone back and read every single post on the blog and have cried more tears that I wish to count.
    I speak of Creed and his fight often to family, friends and my church lifegroup. Every week we pray for Creed, his lungs, his health in general and his fight in general! I pray personally every day for Creed and hope that God’s will be done. He is an amazing little boy and I hope to one day meet him and you. You have no idea how you have touched my life.
    Please know that there is a reason why you are going thru this, I dont know why and I dont even begin to understand, but I know that God does know.
    Please continue your post as I sometimes long to hear how Creed is doing. Keep your head up and know just how many of us are praying and thinking about you and Creed daily.
    Stephanie Ryals

  11. Eugenia Helms says:

    Please know that I am praying, praying, praying for all of you!! I can’t imagine how difficult this must be for yall. The good thijng is that the Doctors seem confident that eventually those little lungs WILL heal. Praise the Lord!!
    Love you all.

  12. Charles Adams says:

    We shall continue asking God to heal Creed’s lungs and to give you the patience of mind and peace of heart that is needed for this long process.

    • Ma and Aunt Sarah says:

      We continue to pray for Creed and the entire family and that God will heal his little lungs and whole body in His Time and that will come very soon.
      God Bless,
      “Aunt Sarah”

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