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I love the little things!!! Some of the best moments of my life have been because of the little things. Today was one of those moments. This morning the doctors decided to turn off the paralytic medication and see how Creed responded. Normally kids on the oscillator don’t like this and can only tolerate it for a short time. Creed, however never does what normal kids do and has spent the entire day off and from the looks of his sats he loves it. His heart rate and blood pressure has been great, as well as his blood gases (these are blood test done through out the day to monitor certain levels while he’s on the ventilator). This afternoon I went over and loved on him and while I was talking to him he stuck his tongue out at me. And there it was…the small thing that made my heart melt, tears fall and big smiles. For the remainder of the day every time I spoke to him he would stick his tongue out. I can only imagine what he was thinking. We had several “bisitors” as Creed calls them, and he would respond to them the same way as well. It was so great to see him throughout the day!! The doctors are ok with him staying off that medication as long as he can tolerate it. No one wants him to be uncomfortable while on the oscillator but if he’s ok not on it, they will leave him off. Not much other than that happened today, but as you read before, it’s all about baby steps and taking our time. All in all, Creed had a great day today…as did I.

Please keep praying for his healing and full recovery!! I know God smiles every time another prayer is sent up for Creed.

Creed’s mom

  1. Nicole Baring says:

    LOVE it… that’s so CREED! He stuck his tongue out at me when I looked through the window right after his transplant!

  2. Maxine Ashby says:

    What an blessing this morning reading your post. Small things are so important in our daily walk with God. Blessings to you and your family today. Especially blessings to Creed as he continues to bless everyone around him with God’s incredible grace. Continuing to pray, Maxine

    • Jon Campbell says:

      Yesterday was a great day! I have missed my Creeder so much, so it was absolutley awesome to see him react to my voice. I layed my head next to his and told him I loved him; his little tongue and bottom lip moved as to say” Daddy its going to be ok, I got this”. It was an answer to my prayers.

  3. Debbie says:

    This is really great to read today. It is the little things that can make you smile. Creed has really touched me. I have MS. To look at what he has gone through along with the family,my MS is not that bad. He has made me look at life alot different. I know that God will have his arms around him. Thanks to this amazing little boy,my family is now looking to get close to our God just like Creed is. I feel that he has saved me and pushing the right way. Don’t get me wrong I believe and pray all the time,but get the right way is what your son has done for my family. God Bless and if there is anything I can do,please let me know. I would love to bring him something to the hospital. Weather is food,something that Creed likes. I know you get alot of people talking to you. You know my sister in law Amy Hulett. God Bless

  4. deena grimsley says:

    You have made my day!!! Such a beautiful baby step! I am thrilled that they have been able to take him off of that medication! Hoping this is the beginning of many many baby steps for the next few days!

  5. Renae Kellam says:

    I love baby steps! What great news to read this morning…
    Praying for all of you and sending my best,

  6. John Rainbolt says:

    WONDERFUL news. I know you must be elated. god Bless Creed’s continued recovery.

  7. Karen parmer says:

    Love love love it. Creed, just being a little boy! Prayers right now!

  8. Melita McGrath says:

    I am so happy for Creed and as well as for you and your family! This morning as was driving to work I was saying my prayers and was thinking and prying for him. And is wonderful to here the good news! God bless him and you all! And we sure will keep on praying and step by step he will get there.love.

  9. Jen says:

    What an amazing little guy. Give him a :oP from me, too. As always, I am praying…

  10. Connie O'hearn says:

    Praise the Lord !!!!Thank you Lord for a wonderful day for this precious family !I am Dawn Godwins sister.She asked us to be praying for you all and we have.I also added your family to our prayer list at Christian Fellowship.God is soooo good !Can not wait to hear more good news as the days go by !May God give you this strenght to carry out this journey !Our hearts go out to you with lots of love ! Connie O’hearn

  11. Helen Strange says:

    Praying for ya ll! Love ya ll.

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