Prayer pager

Posted: February 5, 2011 by Kat in Uncategorized

He is showing slight signs of improvement but still desperately needs your prayers.

Please call the prayer pager. It’s in the room with Creed. Let him “hear” your prayers!


You just have to dial the number and then press 111 at the prompt.

  1. John Rainbolt says:

    The Rainbolt/klave family continues to have Creed in their prayers. Now so more than ever, We love you Creed.

  2. We pray without ceasing, our hearts break because your hearts break. Please be encouraged by all the emails, text’s,and prayers that we receive and give to others everywhere. They include you, Creed, your Mom and Dad, Gigi and Pop Pop, your extended family members and all the boys and girls that are in the rooms next to you, your Doctors,Nurses, and medical personnel, the ladies and gentlemen who clean your room,bring supplies to you and your family members. We love you so much, and God loves you more. God shelters you with His wings and cradles you in His arms. He rescues you from enemy to keep you out of harms way. I pray your little body will be restored to full health very soon.
    Chloe says,(age 5)
    I miss Creed. I love you. That I know you are the one that I heal. I will bring you something special.
    Trusting always, The Odom’s

  3. Kim Hedrick says:

    Stephanie, praying hard for your sweet Creed tonight. Loving you both, praying for a miracle, hang in there Creed!!!!, sweet boy… Love, the Hedrick’s, Kim, Wade, Truman, Greyson

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