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My belief and trust has never been more evident than it was this past Saturday. That’s all I had. I had to belief that God was here and trust that he would carry us through. Saturday morning Creed was taken back to the PICU because he was having difficultly breathing. My heart hurt so bad for him because he had just gotten the approval to eat and drink. We were scheduled to transfer over to Scottish Rite on Tuesday for rehab. This was finally over…so I thought. After checking the gases in Creed’s blood, it was decided that he needed to placed back on the ventilator to help him get those gases out. I felt oddly calm about this, something that is just wrong to say. Why would I be calm about my child being intubated. The very thing that brought me to my knees just 2 months earlier, now doesn’t really phase me. I was told that Creed would probably only be intubated for a couple days, if all went well and we could continue moving forward. I kissed him on the hand, and told him what was about to happen. He was not afraid and understood that when he woke up the “crazy straw” would be in his throat again. I have always told Creed everything that was going to happen to him. This helps him understand and allows him not to be afraid. I told him that Melissa, one of his favorite nurses would be with him the whole time and I would be back as soon as the doctors would let me.

My family came up that morning for a fun day with Creed. I went out to meet them and tell them about what was going on. Maybe 10 minutes later, a social worker came out and told me the doctors were having a hard time getting Creed’s breathing tube in. She wanted me to go to a family consult room and told me to bring someone with me. I got my mom and we both followed her to the consult room. Again, I still had peace. No anxiety, no worries. Within minutes the doctor that I had just spoken with in Creed’s room came in with big red eyes and told me she was so sorry. Creed had coded while trying to get the tube in his throat. Not once, but twice. My little boy did not have a pulse, and chest compressions were needed to get his heart to pump. She went on to tell me that they were uncertain about his neurological status at this time. His eyes were fixed and dilated and with the lack of oxygen during the code they couldn’t guarantee anything. It would be a while before we knew just what his mental status actually was. She went back to his room for more info and several minutes later she was back. This time to inform me that he had to be put on the oscillator, this is the high frequency ventilator. Not at all where I thought we’d be just 20 minutes after I walked out of Creed’s room. She left again and returned several minutes later to take me into Creed’s room. As I walked in, everyone was clearing a spot for me beside Creed. I climbed in the bed, grabbed his arm and began to cry. It was the most horrible feeling ever to think that such a big personality may not be in there anymore. I just couldn’t process it all. After a while, I began to pray. At first talking to God about what I needed, what I wanted. I suddenly realized this was not about me. It was about Creed and what he needed and what God was going to do through this. The room quickly began to fill up with friends and family who all came to rally around us. I told God to carry Creed through this, that he wouldn’t make it any other way. That at that very moment he was getting all the glory for this. That even tho I didn’t know why this continues to happen, and when this would end, I would put all my faith in him. I told him I knew that Creed was not mine, and that he would and could take him at any time. I then selfishly prayed that he wouldn’t. I talked about all the lives that Creed has touched and how others have seen him (God) through our dark days. I told him we would do this all over if that meant one other person learned how great he was. The entire time I laid there praying, I had such peace. I can’t explain it really, just that through what felt like weeks of uncertainty I had peace. I knew that God’s will would be done and had to trust that no matter what happened it would be ok. As I laid there praying, I felt Creed’s shoulder move. My first thought was my mind was playing tricks on me. I then felt it again, I sat up, opened my eyes and saw his lower lip moving, along with his shoulders. The doctors came in and evaluated his eyes and noticed the pupils had constricted slightly. The excitement began to build!! Is he still in there? Oh God please let him be there!! Next he mouthed to me that his head hurt, awhile later that his pull up was wet. There he was!!!! My little boy was in there, and although, not able to talk, he could mouth what he wanted and needed to say. His best friend Casper came and climbed up in the bed with him. When we told Creed that Casper was there, Creed reached his hand out to try and pet him. God was in the room and everyone in there saw him. All the glory was his and not even the doctors were taking that away. They all knew what had just happened and were just as excited as we were. God showed up that day in a big way. By this time, it was close to 5:00. Where had the time gone? The visitors were cleared out so we could rest. They didn’t leave, just went into a special room given to us for that day. I am so excited to have shared that moment with all that were there. Even though I’m trying my best to describe it to you, I’ll never do it justice. I don’t think you can. There is far too many emotion and feelings involved. One thing for sure, those who saw it, felt it. Creed remained stable for the remainder of the day and throughout the night. Not out of the woods by any means, but stable. He was on medications to make his blood pressure increase and a high amount of oxygen. Close to midnight the doctors decided to paralyze him in hopes that it would help wean his oxygen requirement and allow them to wean the oscillator settings as well. He responded very well to that and has remained paralyzed since. Sunday went smoothly. No big issues. Just continuing to wean the oscillator and blood pressure medications. By last night the last blood pressure med was turned off and he’s maintained his blood pressure on his own. Through out the night the respiratory therapist was able to wean a descent amount on the oscillator. This morning the plan was to move Creed over to the conventional ventilator. Before that happened his sats dropped and his oxygen requirement increased so they held off on doing that. He spent the day just resting. I’m guessing they will probably do it tomorrow if all goes well through the night.

You can see why the urgent prayers were needed on Saturday. I hate that I couldn’t share this sooner, but it has taken me some time to process and recover. I felt like a train hit me on Sunday morning, so I’ve spent most of my time sleeping. I do want to share one last thing about Saturday. During that uncertain and scary time, we were surrounded by love and prayers. I was completely blown away by the PICU staff, doctors, nurses and respiratory therapists. They were there with us every step of the way. Not just because they had to, but because they wanted to. Some that were not working came to be with us. The ones that weren’t here were constantly calling and texting those who were. We were surrounded by people who loved Creed and were ready to do anything they could for us. We of course will never be able to repay them for what they did. I just hope they could see Jesus in this room and know that he loves them just like we do. Thank you PICU doctors and nurses for caring not only for Creed, but for his family as well. To those of you who have been on your knees praying for us, thank you so much. It’s comforted us all. Hearing that prayer pager go off Saturday afternoon was a very precious sound. Thank you all for loving us so much, praying for us and walking with us. This has defiantly been a long and rough road. I’m still glad I’ve had a front row seat. At times it was scary and frustrating, I’ll never deny that. I was told awhile back to keep my eyes looking up because that’s where Jesus is. When you look around, your tempted to stumble. I have tried very hard to do just that, and to always praise God through whatever comes my way. I’m fortunate to be where I am and to have seen what I have. God is in control and he loves Creed more than I do. He sent his own son to die for all our sins, he’s a loving and caring father who wants to best for us. I’m pretty sure I can trust him with my child’s life.

I’ll end telling you why I titled this entry INCREEDIBLE.
The doctor that was with us all last week and Saturday as well came in one day going over the plans for the day. She told me that the name on Creed’s door needs to be “inCREEDible”. It stuck with me and I think that defiantly sums up Saturday. Thanks Dr. Stockwell!!

Much love to you all!!!
Creed’s mom

  1. Stephanie,

    What a powerful story you just told! Your unwavering faith is inspiring and humbling. I am one of the many, many, many people praying for you and Creed.

    God Bless you both,

  2. Sandee Wilson says:

    God has truly been to Creed’s side and yours with a legion of Angels guarding the portals of departure. He heard the many cries for the life of this child. I shout with joy for your jubilation and Love. His will is being done, and God has truly Blessed you with knowing his heart. Thank you so much for sharing your heart, and keeping us praying for all the specifics that Creed and yourself need. A prayer Warrior who cares deeply.

  3. kristen says:

    I am without words . . . in awe of God’s faithfulness. lovng you through this Steph. and Thank you for letting us journey with you . . . watching the miracles unfold. xoxo

  4. Fred and Barbara Usry says:

    we are praying.

  5. Dawn says:

    Thank you for sharing his progress with us. We will keep praying as he keeps fighting.
    The George Family
    Miami, FL
    Lighthouse Family

  6. John Rainbolt says:

    Creed and you are so inspiring. Sorry but I think I messed up on the call in prayer. I wish God’s continued Love for all. “inCREEDible”.

  7. Debbie says:

    Stephanie thank you for sharing the things that went on with Creed this past weekend. My family has been praying. The name that should be on his door is inCREEDible”. He has touched my heart in away I can’t explain. You are an amazing mom. We are getting ready to move and we are going to find a church and be saved again. Reading Creed’s story I feel that god is talking through Creed.
    God Bless
    The Kee Family!!!
    Keep on fighting inCREEDible”. & touching my heart!!!

  8. Linda Hagerson says:

    Stephanie and family
    I just found this and am truly touched by your amazing strength when things get rough,
    God is truly blessing Creed and you. We have been praying for Creed and his family and will continue. God bless you and never forget all the prayers that go up every minute for your family and especially for Creed.

  9. Cheryl Harbuck says:

    I have been praying for this young child for sometime and will continue to do so. Even though we may not know him. God does and hears our prayers. And I cried so hard as I read this I could hardly see. Oh how I wish some of my family had the same faith that you all have. God Bless you in all ways.

  10. Christy Pierce says:

    Stephanie, Your faith challenges and encourages me more than you will ever know. “Keeping your eyes up”, what a beautiful reminder! You and Creed are in my heart and prayers daily. I see God’s Glory all over you both, thank you!

  11. Nada and bob Green says:

    God’s Blessing on you little Creed.. What a Loving Father I Heaven and what loving father and mother here for you to hold. We don’t know you except for what we hear from our Sunday School Class…but you have prayers for you coming from South America where we have currently been vacationing!

  12. danisha dewberry says:

    stephanie, it is a blessing to see this miracle happen right before yours and your family’s eyes. We read of the miracles in the Bible, but that was indeed a miracle that day. If we just have faith and trust in God he will work everything out. We just have to trust in him. I share with my children every time you post something. They ask everyday is there any news on Creed. We pray that God continues to heal Creed and give comfort to you and your family.

  13. Bonnie Hinchman (Hudson NIN) says:

    We are praising the Lord right along with with you. We serve an awesome God, I forward your posts to a few prayer warriors of mine and we continue to lift Creed up, he is a precious lamb to us. We are humbled to knee in the gap for all of you. Thank you for sharing not only your trials, but your joys & triumphs also. We love your sweet one. Take care & God Bless. Bonnie

  14. Helen Strange says:

    Awesome update! Stephanie your faith and strength in God is amazing! You are a power house and Creed is so blessed. We are praying for ya’ll. Much love, the Stranges

  15. Nicole Baring says:

    Stephanie your LOVE for God and Creed pours out when you write these post. You both are truly amazing as you continue to touch so many lives. God is working on something extra special for you and Creed! xoxoxo

  16. Mary Helen (Davis) Roberson says:

    Step! You are an amazing women and an inspiration. God will bless you in ways you will never be able to comprehend for you faith and trust in him! Creed is very much just the start of what God has in store for you. I love you girl and I will keep you and Creed locked in my heart forever.

  17. Ma and Aunt Sarah says:

    Increedible indeed. Thanks for sharing your hope and faith. We will keep praying in the Name of Jesus for Creed and his wonderful family.

  18. Hazel Clower says:

    Thank God for hearing and answering prayer!!! I will continue to pray for you and for Creed!!! Hazel Clower

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