God is GOOD all the time, all the time God is GOOD…

Posted: February 11, 2011 by creedsstory in Uncategorized

I celebrate as I type this, because tomorrow is one week since the scariest day ever for lots and lots of us. It just doesn’t seem like it could have already been a week. It has though, and I have much better news to share with you all. Creed is awake, and very much himself!! He is off of the paralytic medication, and is being weaned off of the sedation meds as well. He’s back asking for water, coke and gatoraide pretty frequently. When I say frequently, I mean hourly, if not more. Thank you God!! His ventilator settings are minimal as well as the amount of oxygen he is requiring. He has fought his way back and is ready to try this again. He could probably be extubated (take the breathing tube out) this weekend, but he is going to have a surgical procedure called a fundo and we don’t want to take the tube out, then put it back in for surgery. If all goes as planned we’re hoping to have the surgery on Monday and then the tube will come out. Little insight as to what a fundo is, I guess the easiest way to explain it would be to say the opening where the esphogus meets the stomach will be reconstructed slightly. It will stop him from vomiting and or refluxing. Both of these issues have caused him lots of problems, (last Saturday) and we’re not going to take any chances with a repeat. He has tolerated having the tube down his throat without sedation very well. Way better than I ever could. No way would I sit there awake with that thing. He amazes me everyday!! He’s inCREEDible you might say. This week has been a very good week for him. Not a lot of big things happening, just allowing his little lungs to heal. I prayed on Saturday for God to just carry him this week so that he could rest, and that’s just what he’s done. I know that he has held Creed in his arms constantly. The results are to great for any other explanation. That peace I felt through out the day on Saturday continued with me all week and remains with me now. We never know the outcome of any situation, the bigger the scarier, but God is GOOD, all the time.

This morning started out slow for me. Creed has his days and nights flipped. We were awake all night. Around 5:00am I texted my mom for relief. She was in a sleep room down the hall and came in Creed’s room so that I could go to sleep and get some rest. Around noon, I was awoken by a cold stream of water to my forehead/hairline. That would be my son shooting me with a water gun. Yes, a water gun!! Apparently earlier this morning he, Bryan (his PICU primary nurse), Kelly (his BMT primary nurse), Lyndi (BMT nurse) and Gigi were shooting saline syringes at each other. Kelly and Lyndi thought he needed an actual water gun. Brittany (BMT childlife specialist) made sure he had one and within a few hours and I was his target. In other words, get up mommy. Needless to say, just about everyone that came in his room today was shot by the water gun. It was a really fun day in here. Creed laughed and smiled so much. He was visited by Brett Younker and his wife this afternoon. You’ve seen Brett and Creed singing together on here if you’ve watched his videos. We meet Brett at The Lighthouse Family Retreat last summer. Brett brought his guitar and played several of Creed’s favorite songs. Creed sang right along with him, it was a great thing to see. We really had such a fun day. I would bet that there hasn’t been a water gun in the PICU before now. Then again, there hasn’t been a lot of things in the PICU before Creed. I did think it was funny how we didn’t see a PICU doctor in here. Think they were scared??? I do!!

I want to thank you all for constantly praying for us and sharing Creed’s story with people you know. Prayer is why I can sit here tonight and type this lighthearted update. God has heard all your cries and prayers. Jon and I, along with our families have felt them. The cards and emails, facebook messages, all of it mean so much to us. I can not wait for the day for those of you that don’t know Creed to get a chance. Thank you again for loving us and walking along with us. You are truly the hands and feet of God for us right now and we love you all for it.

Creed’s mom

  1. Connie (Jinks) Marshall says:

    You write the most …. rewarding, fulfilling, well – praising stories. There is no way to tell you how much I have thought about you and prayed for Creed. He is such a blessing as well as being blessed with a wonderful MOM. I am so grateful for his improvements and that you are getting some rest. I know it’s tough, and God will carry him on through!

  2. deena grimsley says:

    Thank you sooooo much for sharing this celebration of today!!! My heart has been so heavy this week and this lifted my heart and soul!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can hardly wait to meet you and the INCREEDIBLE CREED! I think his mom is more than incredible. I won’t begin to think I could ever be as strong as you are, in any circumstance. You have opened my eyes to how weak my faith really is. We are all strong and faithful when there is no immediate crisis! Thank you Stephanie for all you hve given of yourself to us, many, complete strangers. I think you are an angel among us.

  3. Cecelia Prator says:

    Praise to our Lord for His mighty works! Masses of believers have been continuously praying for this-Thank you God for answered prayers! Prayers are continuing for the forever miracle for Creed! God continue to bless Creed, Stephanie and Grandmother !!

  4. Kevin Clements says:

    Feeling your Joy!!! Love to you all. AND let’s rephrase part of that statement… I’m Creed’s Primary Nurse =)

  5. Helen Strange says:

    Praise be to God! We are praying for strength and continued Peace. Blessings!

  6. Sandee Wilson says:

    I share your joy and Godly elation……………..It’s amazing what a little bit of laughter and water can do towards healing. Doctor’s are so worried about the illness, sometimes I think they forget about the child that needs to be a child. I Praise and Thank our Heavenly Father with you, and since today is Valentine’s Day I pray that Creed will have a Special day with his family, and feel the healing Love of his Heavenly Father too! Love and Healing is my prayer for Creed and your family today – Sandee

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