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Posted: February 22, 2011 by creedsstory in Uncategorized

As you all can SEE Creed has been very mobile lately. He continues to regain more and more of his strength every day. Since we have moved back over to the Aflac floor we’ve been able to come and go as we want. This is much different from the last time we were here, which was in November. Before, we weren’t able to leave the BMT unit unless it was for a test/xray. Now, he’s able to go outside when he wants. Today, he really had his plate full. This morning he started out playing “tennis” with Hartley (his physical therapist), they were outside for at least 30 minutes. I was able to have a great break with my sweet friend Amy while those two were playing. When I came back up to Creed’s room, I found them “repairing” his big wheel. He has a tool box in his room and has been “repairing” anything he can. He then asked his nurse to call the clowns for a visit. Many of you know how he loves the clowns. (and I know how many of you don’t share that excitement) A little later, we went down for story time, with the fairy godmother. He loved it…he sang songs and listened to all the stories. It was so fun to watch him be able to do things that he really enjoys. At the end, all the kiddos were given 2 books and a stuffed horse. Those of you that know Creed pretty well, know how he reacted to the horse. LOVED IT!!!!! From there, we went to a “how to” with the clowns. Yep, can’t ever get enough of those clowns. We spent an hour learning tricks with Dr. Knottright and Dr. Boogie. When we got back to his room, Brittney (child life specialist), had Rock Band set up ready to play. Creed stopped her earlier this morning with that request. So Rock Band it was. We roped Lyndi (his nurse), in on this fun. She played the guitar while Creed played the drums. HILARIOUS!!! After about 4 songs, it was time for a break. Which translates into coloring time. That lasted about 30 minutes, then our friend Laura came over from Scottish Rite for a visit. Before we knew it, his dad was here and they were off to build a treasure chest. I mentioned earlier that he was repairing his big wheel. This build and repair tangent started over the weekend. He decided he wanted to build a bird house. He and Jon spent Sunday building not only a bird house, but a tool box as well. Now you can see where the tools fit in. You have to have tools in your toolbox. Right? Right! Every little boy loves to work on things and build stuff and as far as Creed is concerned, it doesn’t matter if you’re in the hospital or on the dirt road. The people eating in the cafeteria were probably wishing that he were outside as he hammered on those nails. But we didn’t care, he’d earned the right to bang away, and we weren’t going to take that away.

Guess I’ll go to sleep now, who knows what activities tomorrow will bring.

Don’t you love reading about days like this…just another reason to say “Glory to God”

Much love,
Creed’s mom

  1. Jenny Owen says:

    What an awesome day! I could read stuff like this forever. SOOOO thankful to see him up and about! God is so good. Love, Jenny Owen

  2. Maxine Ashby says:

    What an amazing day for Creed and everyone who had the pleasure to be with him. God is Great, yes HE is. Blessings, Maxine

  3. Jen says:

    Yay! I loved this post. Glory, INDEED! Or shall I say, INCREED!?!! 🙂

  4. Pam Dominick says:

    What a blessing! God is good….what a wonderful post. I pray he continues to get stronger and stronger. GO CREED!!!!!

  5. David Moncrief says:

    What a day.
    I know that you know but the Emmaus walk #170 group had you all in our prayers and will continue to do.

    God Bless You Alll and keep up the good work Creed.

    David Moncrief

  6. Gigi says:

    Way to go, Creeder. I can’t wait to see you tonight and spend the weekend with you. You ROCK!!!!

  7. Debra Knight says:

    WOW! Glory to God indeed. As I sit here in McCarren airport in Las Vegas (business trip) at 6am reading this i have tears in my eyes and have to stop reading to let them dry so I can keep reading only to start crying again so I have to stop again. We have all witnessed a miracle in Creed and I can’t thank you enough Stephanie for allowing us to share in it an witness it for. ourselves. I feel so blessed.

    Chuck told so many people at this buying show about his “Locks of Love” endevor and Creed. He told them about how Creed and the other children at Egleston moved him so much he wanted to do this. Hopefully he touched someone and planted a seed.

    We continue to pray for our Miracle Boy and for you and of course GiGi and Pop Pop.

    Love, Hugs and Prayers to all.

  8. sherry Manross says:


  9. Melba Franklin says:

    My heart truly was blessed to hear about the Creed’s activities. Praise God. I smiled this time reading your sweet story rathern than crying. Thanks for taking the time to share and keep us informed about Mr. InCREEDible! I’m still praying daily.

    Melba (Sheli’s Mom)

  10. Kim Blazina says:

    Just amazing! Glory to GOD is right! I am a longtime and close friend of Amy Hulett’s and have been praying for Creed ever since I heard about your amazing little boy. Praise be to GOD for all these wonderful posts. I will continue to pray for many more. Love to your family!

  11. deena grimsley says:

    Stephanie, my heart is rejoicing with this post! I cannot think of the words that could express my deepest feelings with this happy happy news! To see him this strong so soon after all the serious trials of the past few weeks is a testimony to God’s power and mercies! It is also great to see YOU have some fun time…..Prayers have been continuing for a smooth surgery and quick recovery from surgery tomorow!

  12. Jackie Zurinaga says:

    So happy to see Creed up and around. We pray with the Riordan kids for him every morning on the way to school! One day when he’s a grown man he’ll look back on all these videos and realize that God had a great destiny for him in spite all of this suffering and hopefully, he will fulfill it. Love to you Stephanie!

  13. Nicole Baring says:

    YAY Creed! Sounds like a fabulous day. Keep getting stronger.

  14. Kathy Hardester says:

    Love getting updates on Creed. Glory is God’s – May His loving hands guide always.

  15. Melita McGrath says:

    It’s such a plesure to read all the wonderful news about this incredible boy! See that he is living and being just like any boy and doing all those fun things! I am so happy for you all! God is awesome! And you all too! Keep up the good work Creed! God will continue to bless you I will keep on praying for him!

  16. Bonnie Hinchman (Hudson OH NIN) says:

    This type of posts makes our hearts sing. We are so grateful he has these kinds of days. We are thanking our Heavenly Father for his goodness to Creed. Thank you so much for sharing your darling son with all of us. We have grown to love him. God Bless.

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