Swallow Study Update

Posted: March 8, 2011 by Kat in Uncategorized


 HE PASSED!!  The study went great and he did so much better than last time. However, our thoughts of what this afternoon would be like afterwards was a bit different. As you can imagine the doctors are a little afraid of just letting him go at it, so let’s just say we are moving at a snails pace. At first we were all very disappointed, but as the day went on, Creed began to accept it and move on. Jon and I are still trailing a little. We just wanted so badly for him to be able to enjoy some of his favorite things today. When it didn’t happen, we had to quickly adjust and do our best to pick Creed’s spirits up. Don’t think that I didn’t have a million questions about all of this. I did, and Creed’s poor doctor was cornered this afternoon while I drilled him. He’s so compassionate and I knew he would understand where I was coming from. After a few minutes he finally looked at me and said “I’m scared”. You gotta love his honesty. Instead of rambling on about some could or couldn’t answer he was honest. Just one of the many reasons I love that he’s Creed’s doctor. So with all that being said, we will VERY SLOWLY begin allowing him to put things in his tummy. Nothing crazy by any means. Literally starting with liquids and puree. Creed was thinking doritos and chicken. You can see how far away the two are. So, if you will please pray that he tolerates all that is given to him and that he will be able to eat what HE wants very very soon.  Just one more hurdle for Mr. Increedible to jump!!

 Much love,

Creed’s mom

  1. Sandee Wilson says:

    I am afraid too, that patience is not a virtue we like to embrace. He has come so far, and just a few more trials and it will be over I am sure. I am not preaching, just reaching out to assure and comfort. Tell Creed he can have a NOT-SICK-ANYMORE party and eat all his favorite things. I am sure he can plan for a lot of fun and wonderful things. Hang in there family, we are still praying in Dothan, Alabama – Sandee

  2. Linda Dixon says:

    This will be our new prayer for Creed! We are so thankful for Creed’s special doctor!
    We love ya’ll. Big and Granda

  3. Debra Knight says:

    As a nurse I can sure understand where the doctor is coming from and what an amazing doctor he is to reveal his humanness and admit he doesn’t necessarily have all the answers and he is scared. I love doctors who let patients and families see that side of them.

    Creed is so wise and mature beyond his years! He accepts and perseveres. Steph, you have raised and amazing….no wait, an INCREEDIBLE little man. We will pray for home to be uneventful medically and full of fun and laughter and praise and worship.

    Love, Prayer and Hugs coming your way!
    Debra Knight

  4. Nicole Baring says:

    Awesome. Hang on Creed… you’ll be eating a bunch of yummy food soon!

  5. jliggin says:

    I know how disappointed you must have been but I love that doctor. I am glad that he is scared and that just shows that he knows he needs a lot of help from above and that he can’t do it all by himself. I know that hope springs eternal so just hang in there and he will be eating those chicken fingers and french fries before you know it. Love all of you.

  6. John Rainbolt says:

    I am delighted Creed passed the first part of his test. This is a long journey for him, and from where he was a month ago, Creed has made amazing progress. Through prayer and his own determination. I sympathize with you and Jon on wanting Creed to be done with this and having his normal life back, but he’s about to cross the goal line here. He’ll get through this as he has surpassed every other barrier placed before.

  7. Debbie says:

    That’s great about him passing. I have learned thru your son “INCREEDIBLE” so many things. May God keep the blessings for him and your family going. Creed has really TOUCHED my heart,as well my kids. Thank you for sharing your story and touching so many lives.

    Luv & Prayers
    Debbie and her crew

  8. Don King says:

    GOD is good! I love praise reports! I will continue to keep Creed and the family in my prayers. Things are getting better and better every day in every way! 🙂

  9. Jan McElroy At TOG says:

    Prayers do work and we are praying for Creed and family. This is a hard time for all but just know that God is with you with his healing arms wrapped around Creed. Jan McElroy

  10. sherry Manross says:

    oh! i am praying! it just takes my breath away how God is giving you back creed!!!!

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