Video from home

Posted: March 11, 2011 by Kat in Uncategorized

  1. deena grimsley says:

    WHOOOO HOOOOO! Let the celebration begin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Johnsie Brannen says:

    GOD has definitely answered the many prayers for you Creed! So glad you are home and hope to someday meet you! You and your family are a true inspiration! Glad to see you doing so well!

  3. Debbie Kee says:

    DumDums~~~$5.00 a bag

    Pillow Pets~~~$20

    “Increedible at home~~~~PRICELESS!!!!!!!

    I’m so happy that yall are at home!!!!!

    This is AWESOME to know!!!!!!

    God Bless Debbie and Family

  4. Crystal Hawkins says:

    I am so glade to here that he is home. I bet is one excited little boy. Still praying for you guys.

  5. Dr. Pucci says:

    CREEEEEEEEED!!!! When we heard today you went home, I was so surprised, guess what I did? Yes that’s right. I fell down. Yet again.

    Congratulations on your escape from the joint–be sure to let us know when you come back around to visit!

  6. Ma and Aunt Sarah says:

    Thanks be to God, who is so good. Way to go Creed.

  7. Linda Hagerson says:

    so glad you got home!!!!! Praying everything will go good and you’ll be there
    for a long time, God bless you and have a great time being with your family
    at your home

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