Still home….really?

Posted: April 3, 2011 by creedsstory in Uncategorized

I ask myself that question from time to time. Are we still home, really? I love that the answer has continued to be the same for almost a month now. YES!!!!! We’re actually starting to get into a groove. Three times a week we go to the “gym” rehab and twice a week we go to clinic. Still no platelets or blood needed, and all of his important numbers are stable. Oh how I love getting those reports. That will never get old!!! This week we are adding one more appointment to our already appointment filled week. Friday, Creed will have another swallow study. Praying this will be the last. He’s been great eating and drinking so far at home. His lungs have been clear, which lets us know he isn’t aspirating. He’s adjusting to the fundo. Learning how much he can eat at a time and not over eating. The only real area that he (more like me) is still having some trouble in, is going to bed at a decent time. Normally, 7:30 is his bedtime, but since being in the hospital for so stinking long, it’s more like 9:30-10:00. They’re are worse things for sure, just would like him back on that routine.

OK, on a fun note…
Creed was asked several weeks back to be in the new Chris Tomlin music video. The song is “I lift my hands” and it’s amazing. On our last day in the hospital two guys came and followed Creed around getting footage for the video. Last week I was lucky enough to see the video, and it is absolutely amazing. It’s not out for the public to view yet, sorry…
But it will be in about two weeks, so be on the lookout, you do not want to miss it. The easiest way will probably be youtube. The words are powerful and completely say exactly how we’ve felt through this entire journey. On that last day as well, we had a photographer that was with us the entire day trying to capture a day in the life of Creed. She got it for sure!!! Her name is Tessa and she captured that day for us perfectly and has now become a special person in our lives. She sought us out through a nurse that is also her neighbor and asked if she could do this for us. Of course we didn’t turn that down. I can never have too many pictures of Mr. Increedible. That video is on here as well, and also on my facebook page along with some really cool pictures.

This weekend was Creed’s first full weekend with his daddy. He was able to ride his dirt bike and hung his bird house that he built back when he was in the hospital. I love that life is getting back to normal.

For all of you that have continued to read this blog and have continued to pray for us. There is not a day that goes by that I don’t say thank you to God for your love and support. Without the prayers and support this family would not be where we are right now. Creed has gone through sooooooo much and I know that he didn’t go through it alone. You were on your knees just like we were. Prayers are still being answered as he continues to stay healthy and get stronger. You all are truly amazing and we thank God everyday for you!!! Thanks for walking and sometimes running along beside us.

Much love,
Creed’s mom

  1. Jenny Owen says:

    GOD IS SO GOOD! What an awesome report! Keep them coming. My bible study talks of you often. We have all prayed hard for you and Increedible! Keep up the posts. We enjoy the updates. May God continue to bless you. Much love!

  2. Lyn Kilpatrick says:

    I am Jay Waggoner’s sister and have followed your journey through Jay and Courtney. It has been such an inspiration for me. Just about everytime I am with Jay and Courtney I have to get an update on Creed. God is good and is doing an amazing work through him. My prayers continue to be with you and Creed and look forward to where He leads.

  3. Brenda Rodgers says:

    Thank you so much for continuing to keep us in the loop on Creed’s wonderful progress! You are so right – there are a lot of prayers for you every day.

    Love to both of you from Brenda in Fort Valley

  4. Chase cochran says:

    Love ya and hope your test keep going well

  5. Bonnie Hinchman (Hudson OH NIN) says:

    We thank God for the wonderful report and for the healing He has granted Creed. He is so very precious and we thank you for allowing us to walk on the journey beside all of you. God is going to continue to use Creed to touch lives & hearts everywhere. Give your sweet son a hug for us.

  6. Jeanie Gregory says:

    I am and have been truly Blessed to have read such an incredible update about Creed today!! I Praise God for having kept Creed in His lap and breathing His healing onto Creed! And for giving strength & peace to his family!

  7. deena grimsley says:

    Stephanie, I cannot tell you how truly happy I am for Creed and his family and friends! It has been a joy for me to share all the goodness and mercies God has shown to Creed. I look forward to meeting him when Gigi has that “BIG” homecoming party for him. I also am excited that I will get to meet a woman as strong in the Lord as you are. I’m not sure that I have EVER known someone with as much faith and strength in the Lord as you!

  8. jean gilbert says:

    It has been a truly amazing journey for you as well as for me!
    It is so good to get the latest blogs that are so wonderful
    and uplifting. I still pray for you two each day that the
    progress will continue and life will be wonderful forever! jean

  9. Karen says:

    Hey Steph-Tell Creed I absoluteily love it when he calls me-Saturday morning he called-I answered and he said. “HEY KAREN!!!!!!!!!!< HOW IS WIL?!!!!!!!!!!! At least Will lives here so I get to hear that wonderful InCreedable voice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Keep up the good work-I so hope I get to see him on Good Friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Alan will come with me!!!!!
    Prayers always
    For the rest of you reading this post-Wil is a longhorn steer that Creed loves.

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