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Here’s a link to the music video download site:

In a few of the shots, you’ll see Creed wearing a substantial “necklace”. Those are his Beads of Courage and here’s a link to the group’s website. It’s an incredible organization and Creed certainly earned each and every one of his beads.

  1. Sandee Wilson says:

    Beads or no beads, I think it’s a given that he and the family are all courageous. But I do like the concept of the beads. I wore my WWJD beads for years, until i put it away as a keepsake of my faith. Precious memories, how they linger, how they ever flood my soul, in the stillness of the midnight precious sacred scenes unfold……………… will all have that to lean upon and remember who sustained you through all of this. It was far reaching, and effected the lives of many. Made a difference in mine – I can sssure you! Thanks for the precious memories !! In him, Sandee

  2. Tammy Pate says:

    Bless his heart! His part of the video completely broke my heart! My daughter (now 8), was diagnosed with cancer at age 2 and we have some “bravery beads”, but not near as many as Creed! She also had a stem cell transplant for her type of cancer, but it was Autologous, so she didn’t have any rejection problems or need additional treatments.

    Thank you for sharing Creed’s story through the video…it meant a lot to me because my daughter met Chris Tomlin right after her transplant and she too was wearing the same mask!

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