what a difference a year makes…

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warning…this will be a long update, since i failed at posting more often.

This time last year was day 3 of being in the hospital. If you all remember it was actually day -7. Do any of you remember how we had to count down like that until transplant day??? It seems like we were just doing that. I can remember the excitement I felt as I marked each day off of the transplant calendar. WOW!!!! So here we are a year later and I’m about to overload you with great news. Things that are so normal and so everyday for most kids, things, that at one time I didn’t know if we’d ever do again. So let the good times roll…let’s jump in head first and celebrate in what a year can do, but more importantly…what God can do!!!

I just looked back at the last post and I’m a little embarrassed. No wonder everyone was telling me to update. I can’t believe it was the first of June!! Just goes to show how much fun we have been having and how little time I’ve had to sit down and recap. I’m going to try and catch you all up the best I can.

In June we said goodbye to Creed’s pediatrician. Dr. Bob Harrison, or Evil Dr. Bob as he is known to his patients. Don’t let the name fool you. He is the most compassionate doctor we’ve had and is only “evil” when he needs to stand up for his patients. He’s an amazing man and I can’t tell you how sad we were to see him go. I tried very hard to connivence him to stay just until Creed was 18. I didn’t think that was too much to ask, he however, did. Oh well, I tried.

You can already guess that the last 2 months have been filled with lots of Casper love!!! Sleepovers, trips to the movies, swimming…it goes on and on. We now get to have our buddy with us when we go to clinic every two weeks. I’m not sure if you all knew this, but Casper was not allowed in the Aflac clinic or floor at the hospital when we first were admitted. When we went over to Egleston last year all of that changed. While we were there, policies were changed and Casper was allowed to visit us and others. Because of the regular visitation that we had from “Caspie”, (that’s what Creed calls him) Egleston has now gotten their very own dog. In fact, today was Sally’s coming out party. Another great thing that came from our stay at Egleston.

Our Make A Wish trip is underway again. Yes again!!! Last year when we went to Disney, Creed was sick the entire time and we spent 3 days in the ER. As hard as we tried, we just weren’t able to make it the entire week, so we had to come home early. Make A Wish, said that because of that, his wish was not granted and are re-granting his wish this year!! Guess where we’re going?!?!?! Yep…back to Disney!! We met with Creed’s wish coordinators and we’re hoping to head back south the week of his birthday.

June was our last clinic visit at Egleston, and we are now back at Scottish where we started many, many, years ago. It has been a hard adjustment, but we are starting to settle back in. We do however miss our family over there and visit every chance we get. We will be headed back to the BMT clinic on August 24 for our 1 year post transplant appointment. I can’t even believe I just typed that.

Creed spent a week with his daddy and his Gogo came in town as well. He was busy hanging out with his uncle Mark and aunt Rach that week as well. He was able to go to camp at the YMCA that week and had a blast. He’s also spent many weekends at the lake with his dad wake boarding and swimming like a fish.

Yep, we spent a week at the beach again with a group of amazing people. There were 4 other families there with us that were with us last year. It was so fun to catch up and share what all our kids had overcome in the last year. One of Creed’s favorite people, Taylor was there again. Once we pulled up and parked the car I basically just saw Creed in passing. He did not sleep with me nor did he eat with me. He was running around with Taylor most of the time and when he wasn’t with her, he was with Chase, Emily, Caleb or Matt. I did get to see him first thing in the morning to give him his meds, and at bedtime for the same reason. That is his absolute favorite place in the world and I love watching him being so happy. He is loved on and cared for and it makes my heart smile to see it. Thanks Lighthouse!!!

Creed was able to go back to church in July!!! The first time in a year!!! Such a great day. He was so excited to be able to go to Upstreet. After church we were surrounded by people who had prayed for us and we were able to share that moment with a lot of very special friends.

We have been asked by several organizations to share our story. Last Tuesday, Creed and I met with Dave FM and we’re able to share his story for the radiothon that will be going on November 3-5. Listen out for us. On Wednesday, I met with Be the Match. I shared Creed’s story with them as well. This is the organization that is hosting the 5K in September. If you want to run/walk please go to Be the One Run and register under the Aflac Ducklings. We’ll be there as well and after the run I’ll share a little of Creed’s story before the awards are given out. On Thursday, Clark Howard interviewed us at the Care a thon. This benefits the Aflac Blood Disorder and Cancer Center at Childrens. I think they raised a little over $800,000.00. So exciting!!!!! We definitely made the rounds last week. Whew…glad it’s over.

Creed made one more trip to the dirt road before the summer ended. This past weekend, he spent the weekend with his Gigi and Pop. I’m not sure there is anything that makes him smile more than going to the dirt road. While he was there this weekend, Dabid (Creed named him that) took some really cool pictures of him. I’ve got lots of pics to post and even some videos. I want you all to see just how great he is doing right now so you can smile like I do every time I think about where we were this time last year.

Well…that pretty much sums up the last two months. Except for one last thing.
This morning at 6:48 Creed walked up to bus 138 and made his way to Mountain Park Elementary. He was determined to ride the bus and was smiling from ear to ear as we walked to the bus stop. I think today was the day for me that really made me stop and think just what we were doing last year at this time. He was suppose to go to kindergarten last year and made a strong attempt with his teacher coming to the hospital. But when he took his turn in December, he fell behind. We decided to start over from scratch this year and let him experience kindergarten for what it is. This morning was the first day of school and our little boy proudly walked onto that bus waving big as it pulled away. Jon and Gigi were there to celebrate with us. There were days along this journey when we didn’t know if this day was possible. I smile proudly knowing how this day happened and knowing that no matter what Creed’s future holds God will carry him through it just as he has the last year. I know you all can remember the days that were dark and scary and the miracles that took place every time we were faced with fear. Our God has held us tightly in his arms and never left our sides. He is awesome and faithful and watching Creed climb up those steps this morning as he loaded the bus made me see that all over again. I can’t wait to see where this year takes us and all the wonderful things we experience with our healthy little boy.

I look forward to sharing lots of more fun days with you all!!!

Much love!!
Creed’s mom

  1. Deena Grimsley says:

    I have thought of Creed so much this summer. Your last posting showed that he was finally able to have some fun! I had been anxious to hear about his starting school: thanks so much for the post tonight! I do look forward to hearing some of his “Tales From Kindergarten” !!!!!

    Creed’s Mom continues to be an inspiration to me and I thank God for his healing of Creed!

  2. Bonnie Hinchman Hudson NIN says:

    Your post blesses my heart & soul. I was looking at some large cards today & I was thinking of Creed, so glad to get your post. Sounds like it has been such a fun summer for all of you. We certainly serve an awesome God. We lift up our voices in praise to the Father for carrying Creed through the past year. So very happy for all of you. Give that special one a hug for me.

  3. Rachel Willis says:

    So glad to read this post. I love getting to see how much normalcy and fun you guys are experiencing. Also thrilled to see that he got to start K today. FYI, we moved this summer and Bradley is also at Mountain Park. I’ll have to tell him to look out for Creed.

  4. Linda Dixon says:

    My heart is so full right now! Seeing Creed get on that bus had to have been the most wonderful thing ever!!! Not a day goes by that we don’t lift Creed up. God has a special plan for that young man. We love you both!! Big and Granda

  5. Karen says:

    I called Creeds Pop today just to make sure I was right on todays date!!! Praises to God!!!!!!!!!!!!
    AMEN. I love you Creed-come see Alan and WIL!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Love Karen

  6. Dawn says:

    We feel so blessed to know and love Creed. We were so happy you were at Lighthouse with us again this year.
    We love you guys
    Way to go….Kindergarten!
    To God be the Glory.

    The George Family
    Chris and Dawn
    Alibrandi, CJ, Brett, Corey and Jerrilyn

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