More prayers

Posted: February 21, 2012 by Kat in Uncategorized

Please pray for Creed’s port to unclog. They are working on it now, but if this doesn’t work he’ll have to have it replaced. He will need to have surgery to replace it and he can’t undergo surgery with all this extra fluid in him.

  1. Pati Oliver says:

    We are praying for Creed’s port to unclog and continued strength for him and his family! WE love you INCREEDIBLE!!!

  2. Praying Praying Praying….Please let us know .

  3. Brenda Rodgers says:

    Praying many prayers for you and Creed here in Fort Valley. May God be close and bless you during this time. Love – Brenda

  4. Kelly and Taylor Jones says:

    We are praying for you Creed! I am making a small video from lighthouse this summer to ask people for donations for this summer and you are the star! Please get better! Much Love!!!!

  5. Karen parmer says:

    Stay strong little fighter! Praying!

  6. Charles Adams says:

    Praying for Creed. Peace. Charles

  7. Christy Noll says:

    Please let his port unclog. Please Lord help Creed.


    Praying now for you Creed and your family! Lord please bless this precious little warrior!!!

  9. Beth Householder Gee says:

    Dear God, work your miracle hands for Creed!!! Praying…

  10. Robbie Owens says:

    Praying for you and your family! God is with you.

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