Wrapping up week 2

Posted: March 1, 2012 by creedsstory in Uncategorized

Tomorrow will be 2 weeks for this hospital stay. Our first week in was pretty crummy for Creeder. He felt horrible because of an infection and his electrolytes being all outta sorts. By the weekend he started feeling better and I even got a few laughs and chuckles from him. Many of you heard that his port was clogged due to an error where two medications that were not compatible were ran through his port at the same time. This caused a crystallized clog ( my term ) to form and therefore nothing could go through. On Wednesday he had a PICC line placed, not a great day for him, but he did great. He is now stable enough to undergo surgery and have a new port placed. Tomorrow at 9:15 he is having that procedure as well as tubes in his ears and a colonoscopy and endoscopy. Creed has had ONE ear infection in his entire life, 2 months ago, and we can not get the fluid to dry up. It’s also caused hearing loss in both ears, which is the main reason we’re doing the tubes do quickly. The hearing loss is not permanent, thankfully, and we don’t want it to be!! The scopes are hopefully going to help figure out why he poops sooooo much. ( I know TMI, but I knew you’d want to know why). He’s very excited about getting his port replaced, as he’s already thinking about going swimming with Casper this summer. I don’t know yet how long the surgery will take, but I would love love love prayers that it goes smoothly!! We’re hoping if all goes well that we’ll be heading home soon. Thanks for loving and praying for us!! I’ll let you know how tomorrow goes!!

Much love!

  1. Megan Broadway says:

    Creed- We are praying for you. Abby sure misses you at school! Get better real soon 🙂 Please let us know if there is anything we can do for you guys.

    The Broadway family

  2. Jen Geist says:

    Lifting you and Creed up in prayers especially for tomorrow. Praying that it will go smoothly and peacefully.

    With love,
    Aidan and Alyssa Geist, your buddies from Primrose

  3. John Rainbolt says:

    Prayers answered, Great news

  4. I will be praying for Creed over and over and over tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Nicole says:

    Lots of PRAYERS for Creeder & you!

  6. Linda Dixon says:

    Praying for Creed and his surgery and strength for you, Stephanie!! Love, Big and Granda

  7. Charels Adams says:

    Plese know that we are continuing to pray for Creed and all his family. Peace!

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