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Creed’s little body has taken a turn for the worse. His kidneys and liver are having a really hard time doing their jobs right now. His body is extremely overloaded with fluid. At this time we are being airlifted to Egleston to go into the PICU. There he will be placed on the ventilator and go on dialysis to being removing the fluid from his body. We are expected to stay they for quite a while. We are asking that you pray, pray, pray for him as we start yet another unknown journey.

Much love,
Creed’s mom

  1. Brenda Rodgers says:


    I’m praying hard for Creed, for you, and for Creed’s doctors.

    Much love from Brenda in Fort Valley.

  2. Tommy Clark says:

    Praying for you both and hope all goes well!

  3. sherry Manross says:


  4. Sarah DeFilippo says:

    Praying for Mama, for Creed, for all the family, for his doctors, and the nurses. This child needs your protection Heavenly Father! Please, dear Lord, wrap him in Your tender arms, comfort him when he is scared, give him relief from is pain. Lord – Faith is not believing that YOU can, it is KNOWING that you WILL! We know that YOU WILL and we have faith that this dear child of yours will be healed. Mary – Mother – we pray to you for protection of this amazing child. And, we pray, Mother, that you comfort his Mama during this most trying of times.

    Much love, Peace, and Grace, from the DeFilippo house.

  5. CaNicka Cabarras says:

    PRAYING! Just said a prayer. My family and I are praying for Little Creed and your family’s strength!!

    Psalms 91
    Serenity Prayer

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