The switch!

Posted: March 23, 2012 by creedsstory in Uncategorized

Creed was just switched from the oscillator to the vent about 10 minutes ago and is doing great!!! If all goes well today with this transition he is scheduled to have a CT scan of his belly tomorrow. He had one of these about 3 weeks ago at Scottish Rite and nothing abnormal was seen. Praying he remains stable with this change.

I’ll keep you posted…

Much love,
Creed’s mom

  1. Brenda Rodgers says:


    Thanks for the two updates – great news about Creed, and God’s blessings on your home move.

    Love and prayers from Fort Valley.

  2. Becky Oliver says:

    Praise the Lord for answered prayers!

  3. Lauren says:

    Oh great! We will keep praying big!!

  4. sherry Manross says:

    dear crees and creed’s mommy, i am thanking the Lord right now for bringing you through these last few weeks. i am asking Him to continue to heal and hold you.

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