Thank you God for…

Posted: April 4, 2012 by creedsstory in Uncategorized

POOP!!! After 3 weeks of waiting Creeder finally pooped last night!! This may be TMI, but it’s a big deal to us and a big step in the right direction, so I had to share!! Today, actually has been an amazing day for him. Not only did he poop, he sat in his wheel chair for over an hour, was able to FINALLY have a few sips of water and Dr. Pepper, and…drum roll please…
Came off of CVVH (dialysis)!!! So let’s just say today was HUGE!!!! I’m so proud of him and he’s worked so hard!!
It’s days like today when I’m constantly reminded of Gods healing and love. Although, there have been days when all I could say or do was ask why, today shows me why. To me, it shows all of those who know us and Creed’s story just how great God is. That although life is hard and at times almost unbearable, he’s still on his throne and still “shows off”. I’m so grateful for moments like today…as I write this update Creed is fast asleep in my arms. He hasn’t been able to get out of his bed in 3 weeks. But today he did…
There was a time a few weeks ago that I didn’t know if this would happen again. Beyond grateful that it has!!!! We’re still a long ways from home, but today’s leap forward gives us lots to rejoice about!!!

Much love!!
Creed’s mom

  1. Gigi says:

    Yeah!!!! I will be there in about an hour and I can’t wait to beat you at Go Fish!!!! At lady I can wish.

  2. Wanda Middlebrooks says:

    OMG this bought tears to my eyes…God is GOOD all the time !!!!

  3. Carol Inlow, Albany, GA. says:

    I know that this little fellow has been fighting all his life since he was born.
    I hope & pray that one day, that he will be able to live the rest of his life, a healthy one.
    No more pain, suffering & hospitals. No more complications & gets a clean bill of health for many years to come. So he will just be a happy little boy growing up into a wonderful young man.
    I will keep on praying for that day to come. You both have been through so much over the years.
    Love to you & Creed.

  4. Mary Lee Dennis says:

    So very thankful…
    Mary Lee Dennis

  5. Brenda Rodgers says:


    Thanks so much for being so thoughtful and keeping us posted on how things are going with Creed.

    You both are in my prayers every day.

    Thank you also for the picture!

    Lots of love from Brenda in Fort Valley

  6. Stacey Zucker says:

    Wonderful news! Tell Creed that Mrs. Zucker is thinking of him and sends her love!

  7. Jen Geist says:

    Jumping for joy and celebrating with you!!! Congrats on so many victories today!! Happy Easter, Creed!!!!
    Your Primrose buddies, Aidan and Alyssa Geist and family

  8. Becky Oliver says:

    Praising God with you for the healing in Creed. He’s such a brave little man. We are so thankful for answered prayers today! God Bless you all!

  9. Cinda Neurohr says:

    Stephanie, This is such wonderful news! From this mother’s heart to yours, tears of gratitude well up in my eyes. Yes, He is always on His throne and loves to show off, great line 🙂 Please give Creed a gentle kiss on his sweet little cheek for me, blessings, Cinda

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