Take two…

Posted: April 13, 2012 by creedsstory in Uncategorized

Tuesday afternoon Creed started running a fever. Not really what I was hoping for…but Regardless it happened. With this starting up, I asked the doctors to wait a day or so before taking him off of cvvh (dialysis). I didn’t feel like it was fair to Creed to put his kidneys to the test when he may be fighting some sort of infection. They agreed and it sounds like Friday or Saturday may be the day. Please keep praying!! This is one of the biggest prayer request we’ve had. I’ll know in the morning if they are going to turn him off or wait until Saturday. He had a good day overall. A visit from his best buddy Casper and lots of love from Lise (caspers “mom”). He’s starting to wake up more and more. He is still weening off of the narcotics he was on while on the ventilator. Along the way he’ll throw a funny story out that makes absolutely no sense. He’s always good for a laugh!! His lungs are continuing to improve. I’d say today was the first day I’ve seen my little boy peaking out from under the drugs and illness. I had lots of smiles. I’m hoping for more today and throughout the weekend. Please keep praying for healing…those little kidneys of his took a big hit.

Much love,
Creed’s mom

  1. Creed is a strong little man and he will make it happen. In the name of our Lord!!! His kidney will be as strong as he is. God be you him and you always! ❤

  2. Brenda Rodgers says:


    Praying for you and Creed in Fort Valley. Much love, Brenda

  3. Wonderful news! I know it is such a joy to see some “Creeder” coming out again! I know you needed some happy moments! Praying for those kidneys!

  4. Becky Oliver says:

    Stephanie we are continuing to pray for Creed and for all of you. We are trusting God for his healing! Give him a hug for us!!

  5. Christy Noll says:

    How is he now? So glad Casper could paid a visit. I am doing a charity event at The Zone for AlpharettaMoms.Org on 5/3 10:30 if Creed happens to be there we would love to see you. Will keep praying.

  6. Casper says:

    Rooting for you Creeder! Love you!

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