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Creed’s service will be this Thursday, April 19, at Northpoint Church in Alpharetta. We will update the blog with the time and additional details, including charitable donations, in the next few days.

If you are looking for immediate ways to help Stephanie or Jon, please email Kathryn at Thank you.

  1. Kat says:

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  2. Melita McGrath says:

    I couldn’t believe my eyes when I read my email and found out that Creed passed away. My heart just is in state of so much sadness for you Mom. I know how much Creed have been fighting over his years of life and how much you were right there next to him, loving him, taking care of him, smiling, crying for every step of his life. I am so so very deeply sorry! I know that now Creed is resting and God and you know how much he suffered and fought for every little breath. Now there is no more pain. He is in the arms of our God The Creator! Driving to work in the midle of the night for 40 min. Is when I say most of my prayers and was when I prayed for Creed since I heard about him trough Sabrina Webster. And this today my prayers goes to You. May you find confort. May every minute that you spent enjoying the beautiful but hard and sad life of your Baby be in your heart and soothing your pain. May God bless you my Dear for all that you lived. And I know he will because he loves you. And Creed will be with you forever!!! ❤

  3. Terry Ingwersen says:

    Dear Steph,
    My heart aches for you and for your family. Your little angel Creed touched more people in his short life on this earth than most of us do in a long lifetime. There is such comfort and joy in knowing beyond any doubt that he is now with Jesus and free of all his earthly challenges. Your profound, unwavering faith has been a blessing to all of us who have been praying for Creed, and your love and devotion to your precious little boy has been a joy and an inspiration to behold. May God’s comfort and peace surround you in the coming days. Terry Ingwersen (volunteer at CHOA)

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