Posted: December 1, 2012 by Kat in Uncategorized

Just a reminder that Monday is Creed’s birthday.  We’d love to see the photos or videos of your balloon release.  It’s pretty amazing to know that all of Creed’s loved ones will be celebrating his birthday in the same special way.  There’s no set time or place – just whatever works for you and your family.  Also, please don’t forget to share your memories of Creed as well.  Steph and Jon would love to hear from you on Monday.

Thank you!

  1. maria says:

    The first time I met Creed was during the first week of his life. Stephanie allowed me the honor of going with Jon on one of their visits to his pod. He was absolutely beautiful and amazing. He fit in the palm of Jon’s hand — Creed was such a little guy with all his fingers and toes but had a spirit of a giant. I received such a special blessing and gift that day – Thank you Jon and Stephanie.

    I followed Creed through the years – first birthday party – WOW – was that a great party! Watching Creed go to kindergarten, swimming at the lake, riding on the tube behind the boat, water skiiing, making a gingerbread house, riding his bike, eating sushi, coming to visit at work, listening to him talk about his favorite things to play with, talking for the first time, talking like a doctor and just talking. Let’s not forget his beautiful voice and his debute on the internet. Such an angel he is!

    I have a Creed original hanging in my office – please know his drawing is priceless and will forever be hanging on my wall. I am honored and blessed to have known Creed.

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